Socialism Is Evil

There are some truths about life that we’ve all come to know from having the most basic History/Social Studies classes. Basic truths, basic understandings. Obvious things. Below are some of these fundamental truths, and how Socialism/Socialists propose to deal with them.

Basic Truths from HistoryWhat Socialism Proposes
Land is power. Has always been Power. Always will be power. To deprive the people of land. To give all ownership of land to the government. Oh, and to top personages in the government. A favorite Socialist rallying cry is: “Power to the People!” If they weren’t lying, they’d say: “Land Ownership and Personal Property Rights to the People!” But they’re lying, so they don’t.
The main source of oppression throughout history has been… the government.To vest all power in… the government. What could possibly go wrong?!? You see, our American Socialists will get governing right… this time. ‘Cause they’re so much smarter than all those others from the past.
The single greatest economic innovation coming from Capitalism is: economic mobility. The right, and the structure within which, to become unequal.To make everyone economically equal.
Economic equality is possible only through government imposition.Socialism requires the elimination of Democracy in order to prevent the people from deciding things for themselves… like: the right and ability to own land. Socialists therefore propose to eliminate political mobility.

Socialism further requires that people who obtain power, remain in power. Regular transitions of power imply regular changes of mind on the part of the people in power. Therefore, Socialism requires the elimination of anything resembling choice in the selection of who will be in power.
Economic equality means social equality as well.Since economic equality must be imposed by the government, so must social equality. Therefore, Socialism and Socialists propose to eliminate social mobility.
Capitalism is the absence of limits and the dismantling of government-imposed barriers in the path of the people’s ability to increase their own prosperity.Socialism is the addition of limits and the erection of government-imposed barriers in the path of the people’s ability to increase their own prosperity. The human condition is an innate, ceaseless drive to… improve itself. Every second of every day, with every breath, and every act, no matter how tiny, no matter how seemingly trivial. Socialism, though, proposes to handcuff, straitjacket, confine the human condition. To imprison the human being. Socialists call that “justice.”

Oh, and let’s not forget those pesky 120-140 million dead bodies piled up in the closet of Socialism. No other single, man-made phenomenon has killed more people… in all of history.

Come to think of it, if you don’t count time itself, no single natural phenomenon has killed more people than Socialism… in all of history. In point of fact the only thing that has killed as many of anything in such a short time, is the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs.

— xPraetorius

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