In A World Gone Mad — Some Beauty

This is a site to visit if you want to see some just plain beautiful photography.


Do yourself a favor and just wander through her collection of photographs. Personally, I grew tired of pressing the “Like” button. I was hoping there would be a “Really, really, really like” button,”‘ but there wasn’t.

I don’t know Alexa, but she has an eye. A really good eye. She composes, she frames, she has the right time, knows just the right light, has a real feel, a real vision, and a wide-ranging gift for seeing layers and dimensions of feeling in a given setting. Then she puts all that into a photograph.

Alexa takes some settings that, without all that, would be just ordinary, and she transforms them into… poignant, evocative, layered, textured, subtle, splashy, tearful, joyous, riotous, exuberant… emotional.

It’s a rare gift. Especially rare in a medium that produces so much output, so promiscuously, so easily, so rapidly. Anyone and everyone can be a “photographer” today. Alexa Morrison is an artist, with an artist’s perception.

In the right hands, with good eyes, and a wide and deep imagination, an expansive vision… a photograph can be made to be as astonishingly, intellectually and emotionally mind-bending, as mind-enhancing as a Michelangelo, or a Vermeer, or a Wyeth.

It’s no ordinary artist who can do that. 

I’m an artist too. I’m a musician. and a darned good one. But as far as photography is concerned, I’m as ordinary as any layman. However, I know real artistic feel when I see it, or when I hear it. 

Alexa Morrison has… it.


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