We Were Wrong (and kind of embarrassed)

We’ve said it many times in these pages before: If you could get rid of Socialism, and all its variants, you’d get rid of poverty, cruelty, hunger, war, lots of diseases, most of the  ills that afflict this world.

We were wrong. A cart before the  horses kind of a thing. And it’s kind of embarrassing, because what I’m about to tell you is kind of basic. Kind of simple. We made the kind of mistake that people make when you way overthink things. When you’re in the business of thinking, as we are, there are two dangers: #1: Underthinking things, and #2: overthinking things. Both ways can lead to egregious errors and, sometimes, silly conclusions.

Socialism, and all its bloodthirsty, corrupt, human-eating, soul-sucking forms — Fascism, Communism, Slavery, Feudalism, Nazism, Islam, Atheism, Collectivism, Leftism, Statism, today’s Democrat Party, Serfdom, Racism — all exist because evil is a part of all people, and because people all too often succumb to the temptation to do and to be evil. So, people doing evil will set up evil systems, like Socialism and all its above-listed demented strains.

In other words, our position used to be that people around the world do evil, because they’re part of an evil system, and if that system could be overthrown, then people would stop doing evil.

Nope. Duh!

Evil systems exist because people choose to do and to be evil.  People make systems, not the other way around. You are who you are because you choose to be who you are.

No matter under what system you live.

The great writer and thinker Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn said that the line between good and evil passes through every human heart.

Here’s the first problem with that: It means that you cannot eradicate the evil system — Socialism, and all its degenerate offspring.

If you were to overthrow Socialism and all its twisted forms overnight,  even if you were to relegate it all to where it belongs in history — in the same place currently occupied by Naziism — the very next day people would launch Socialism again… and call it something else. Something like “Democratic Socialism.”

However, we still must, must, must resist Socialism, in all its forms. We must be clear-eyed about it. There’s no reforming Socialism, or any of its evil variants, because its very foundation is evil. It’s built upon evil intent, and if you remove the intent, you remove the system itself. Not that that would be a bad thing!

Resisting Socialism is resisting evil. You can be in Socialism — living under the system — but you must not be of Socialism. And you still must try to eradicate Socialism… even if it means only getting rid of it until it rears its ugly head again under a different name.

What’s ironic is that all of us here knew all along that every single person has the capacity for great good or for great evil. Yet, we persisted, insisting that we must overthrow Socialism and its grotesque spin-offs in order to cure the  world’s ills. How silly! You won’t cure the world’s ills without reforming the human heart.

Nothing changes or even slightly reduces the imperative to overthrow Socialism in all its hideous forms, but that won’t cure the evils of the world.

People are Socialists because that’s the system they implement when they’re power-hungry and greedy. They establish Socialist countries and systems to feed their lust for power and wealth. They don’t just stop being power-mad and greedy simply if you overthrow the system that embodies power-lust and greed. No, the Socialists then just take stock of their new surroundings and  come up with new ways to feed their inner demons.

What we said above is true: “You are who you are because you choose to be who you are. No matter under what system you  live.” However — and it’s a BIG one! — it sure helps if you can at least get rid of the evil system, and replace it with a good one. That at least gives the people real alternatives, real choices to be good people, and real opportunities to participate in good systems.

Evil systems all have one major characteristic in common: They all — no exceptions — squelch, squash, punish, silence, eradicate, abolish… kill dissenting opinions, and the holders of those opinions.

If you want to determine whether a system is evil, you need only look around you, to see the extent to which it silences its opponents. Check to see who’s silencing whom. Look from all angles — not just at who’s being silenced, but also at what’s being silenced.

Evil systems don’t need to be systems of government, to be grotesque and fascistic. There’s an education “system” in America. Is it good or evil? Well, are there any viewpoints, being suppressed or silenced in the American educational “system?” Are there any people being punished or ostracized because of their views?

Social media in America make up an extremely powerful communications system in America. Are there any viewpoints, or those holding such viewpoints, being suppressed or silenced in American social media today? Which viewpoints? Which holders of those viewpoints?

The legacy media continue to represent a powerful, if diminishing, system in America? How about there? Any viewpoint suppression there? Any at all?

Pop culture and Hollywood are two immensely powerful systems. Does anyone engage in viewpoint suppression in, say, Hollywood? If so, what viewpoints? Which holders of those viewpoints?

You can readily identify the perpetrators of evil by determining who’s doing the silencing of other opinions and thinking. Those with good, strong thinking — with notions bolstered by logic, with ideas tested over and over and over against dissenting thought — have no need to fear contrary opinions… so they don’t.

We don’t fear contrary thinking, here at our small, but increasingly influential think tank. And, yes, sometimes we even get it wrong.

— xPraetorius

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