° ° ° Important Announcement! ° ° °

••• Huge Congratulations To One of Ours! •••

One of ours is up for a very prestigious literary award!

We can’t reveal who it is, or what award, but it’s big, big, BIG, and you’ve heard of it!

I can tell you that the category of the potential award is related ( <== key word) to political commentary — the main (but not only) focus of our blog. What does this little tidbit mean? Simple: The only possible conclusion is:

What you get here is the very finest commentary available in the country today! As recognized by one of the most highly respected literary organizations in the world.

We’re thrilled for our colleague and dear friend, and we hope he/she wins it! At the same time, if he/she does win it, then he/she will have to limit his/her time with us for some significant amount of time.

We think it’s an okay sacrifice to make, but we’ll surely miss him/her during that time! He’s/She’s a significant contributor to our content!

Again, huge congratulations to one of the extremely intelligent and capable denizens in the stable of writers/analysts/commentators who make up our small, but increasingly influential think tank, and… best of luck!

A personal note: the potential honoree is a good friend of mine, and I can tell you that he/she deserved the award long, long ago… and in repeated fashion. If he/she doesn’t receive the award, then it will be because of some irrelevant — and stupid — externality, beyond the control of my friend. (Not that I’m at all biased, of course!)

— xPraetorius

6 thoughts on “° ° ° Important Announcement! ° ° °

  1. I am guessing this “wonderful” person is NOT the one I’ve been mainly engaged with all this time. Hope springs eternal.

    1. Lol! I’ll never tell!

      How do you know you’ve interacted with only one person here?

      And, yes, our friend and potential honoree is wonderful!

      Darn! We owe you a reply! Someone’ll get to it as soon as we can.


      — x

      1. Trust me.. I KNOW the award winner is not you… just as I know it would never be me.. nor do I need any reply to anything I post in here.

        1. Ummmm… outside of the fact that I admitted that I wasn’t the award winner, what gave it away? 🙂

          And, responses are important. It’s a question of etiquette! And we’re always, always, always… conscious of our etiquette.


          — x

          1. “Ummmm… outside of the fact that I admitted that I wasn’t the award winner, what gave it away? 🙂”

            Your extreme views and lack of “filter” to be accepted by a variety of readers… as someone with a regular “commentary” might have in order to be in the running for a popular and respected award for their efforts. I didn’t just recently fall off the turnip truck.

            “And, responses are important. It’s a question of etiquette! And we’re always, always, always… conscious of our etiquette.”

            No you haven’t. Etiquette in engaging with someone/anyone is providing an element of identifying who you are, if for nothing else but gender alone. It establishes a level of accepted trust, abeit basic as it is, between two human beings. In the real world when two people meet it’s immediately affirmed you exist/I exist by appearance… we share a language hence we can hear each other and understand… therefore we can share thought. In here.. while anyone can admittedly be whomever they wish to be… you flat out prefer to shroud in mystery and not even make an effort to fake an identity… and add to that you are simply typed words on a screen… a collection of grammatically aligned words and assorted punctuation, without human form. To top it off… for some reason you don’t allow responses from others to be posted on this blog. Therefore the “exchange” of opinion is limited to you alone… or the “you” in the rest of the Borg collective you have going here.

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