The Intersectional Civil War  (Part II)

— Black Lives Matter Leftists React to
the George Floyd Killing —

One of our operatives was able to spy on a Black Lives Matter planning session, and recorded the proceedings on his cell phone. The following is a transcription of that recording. Unfortunately, we have only the audio of this meeting.


Three Black Lives Matter leftists are in the basement of a Minneapolis home. George Floyd has just been killed by Derek Chauvin, and these three BLM’ers are trying to plan out how to react to the event.

We pick up the conversation in the middle. Previous to this, there was some general discussion during which all present agreed that there’s been a problem lately: Not enough splashy news to keep racism in the forefront of every American mind. That means that free money is flowing out to people who aren’t black grievance professionals. People like coronavirus victims, the unemployed and, worst of all, the transgenders!

The meeting attendees are overjoyed at the Floyd incident, and excited about the possibilities it represents for them to get back into the limelight, and redirect the flow of money and resources to them.

The Recording:

Unidentified Black Lives Matter Leftist #1: Look this Joe Floyd thing is a great thing. It’s a great opportunity for us to…

UBLML #2: Um, that’s George Floyd…

UBLML #1: Joe Floyd, George Floyd, whoever… he’s not important. Look, this is a great chance for us to grab the spotlight again. I mean, before that officer Chauvin — I say we give that cracker a medal! — before he killed brother Joe, errr… George, it was all corona this and corona that. And, if it wasn’t all about the corona, then it was all about the transie bastards! They were gettin’ all the attention, and there’s only a few of them across the whole country anyway! And, if they’re gettin’ all the attention, then that means that a whole boatload (Editor’s note: he used a more colorful word, but this is a family blog) of money is going their way… not ours!

But I think we got the thing now that we can use… we can use this Joe or George Floyd thing to get the attention back on us, where it should be! So, I had some ideas about how to do it. Here’s one: we’ll take over a whole section of some major city’s downtown area and declare an “Autonomous Zone!” It’ll be like our own new country! The racist Nazis and the cops’ll let us walk right in and take it over. We’ll kick out the police and set up our own frickin’ country!

UBLML #2: Great idea! And how ’bout this: we can riot in the streets of all the big cities, loot buildings, and tear things down, and assault people and get all sorts of free stuff! The racist fascists will just let us do it and get clean away with it! I mean, the cities’re all run by Democrats, and those spineless bastards are terrified of losing our votes, so they’ll just let us get away with anything!

UBLML #3: That’s usin’ your head! And we can call ’em all sorts of disgusting names, and tell ’em they’re evil and racist and degenerates, all because of the color of their skin! Hell, the white media will help us! They’ll start all sorts of panels, and talk shows, and discussion groups, all filled with white people telling other white people what a bunch of racists they all are! And the funny thing is: they’ll do all this crap to try to prove they’re not racists!

UBLML #1: (warming to the topic) Yeah, yeah! But, the secret is, we never let ’em off the hook! If their skin’s white, they’re racists. Period. We never, ever let ’em think anything else.

And we can make ’em bow down to us, and kiss our feet, and wash our feet, and publicly apologize to us, and the media will put it on the air all across America! And the whitey’s’ll do it! They’ll just do it! I can’t wait…

UBLML #3: Uhhhhhh… wait a sec… What if…

UBLML #2: (quickly) And we can start talking all about reparations again, and this time they might do it! Hell, they’ve already paid us trillions of dollars in welfare and stuff, and they’ve been falling all over themselves to hire us for decades! And they’ve already been bending over backwards to give us free education, and free professional training, for years and years!

BLML #3: Errrr… hold on just a bit… There might be a problem…

UBLML #2: What is it? Why are you interrupting me?!? I was on a roll! I was just getting started!

UBLML #3: (a perplexed look on his face) But, if they’re all gonna just let us set up our own country in the downtown of some major city, and they’re gonna just let us riot and loot and get free stuff, and they’re gonna just let us call ’em horrible names, and they’re gonna start talks shows calling themselves horrible names, and they’re just gonna give us money and power and more free education and more money and more power and more training and they’re just gonna bow down to us and kiss our feet and wash ’em…

UBLML #1: Yeah, yeah… get on with it. Make your point! I’ve got a hankering for a really big flat-screen tv!

UBLML #3: Like I was sayin’, if they’re just gonna give us all that stuff, and do all that stuff for us, then that kinda means… they’re not racists.

[Prolonged silence, papers rustle, feet shuffle on the floor]

UBLML #2: Are you crazy?!? First of all, if everyone thought like that, where would we all be?!? Second of all, I wouldn’t have a chance for a big tv just like BL #1 here! And third of all, they’re gonna do all that for us because they’re a bunch of racists, see? And they want to prove they’re not racists! Do you get it now?

UBLML #3: Not really.  I mean, wouldn’t that actually prove they’re not actually racists? If they were really all just a bunch of racist bastards, like we’re sayin’ they are, why would they do anything for us? If they were even a little bit like what we’re sayin’ they are, then they wouldn’t let us do any of this stuff you’re talkin’ about! They’d shoot us down in the street before we even got started rioting and looting and gettin’ free big tv’s. Someone’s gonna figure that out, and then the game’s up, right? I mean, let’s face it, we are talking about a big game here, right? A nice little scam to get a bunch of free stuff, and blame it all on whitey? What you’re saying is that they’re all not like what we’ve been sayin’ they are! You’re sayin’ that they’re not that bad at all; that they’re just itchin’ to give us stuff! It’s all just a game, and aren’t you admitting it every time you say they’re just gonna bend over and give us everything we ask for? If these whiteys are racists, aren’t you sayin’ they’re the worst at bein’ racists in the whole world?

UBLML #1: You’re crazy, man! It’s talk like that that’ll force us to work hard to learn stuff, and better ourselves, and get real jobs, and take responsibility for ourselves and our families, and pay taxes, and leave big inheritances to our kids, and… 

UBLML #2: (a thoughtful look crosses his face) Hmmm…  “Big inheritances for our kids…” Doesn’t sound all that bad. I mean, if we all did that, we also wouldn’t have to be lookin’ over our shoulder wondering about if George Floyd hadn’t been killed, then maybe he might be shootin’ us in the back! That doesn’t sound like all that bad a thing.

UBLML #1: Both of you shut up! I want a big screen tv, and I want it now! And the white man’s gonna give it to me! ‘Cause he’s a big, fat racist! Now, let’s get out there and start rioting and looting before this whole Joe Floyd thing blows over, and I lose my chance! There’s plenty of free stuff to be had out there! All courtesy of the racists!

UBLML #2: George Floyd.

UBLML #1: Whatever.

— Free Thinker

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