What’s Actually Wrong With The Phrase “Black Lives Matter?” (Part III)

In these two posts (Post #1, Post #2) we pointed out what’s wrong with the obviously true phrase, “Black Lives Matter.” Here’s something else that’s very wrong with it: it presumes to tell you and me what we’re thinking.

This is a more rambling, stream-of-consciousness collection of thoughts concerning what’s wrong with the phrase: “Black Lives Matter.” It brings in a lot of other related “This Important Phrase!” and “That Big Notion!” to provide additional context and perspectives.

First: A major flaw in the entire edifice of leftist argumentation — and they’re  constantly prone to it, is: Mind-reading.

Mind-reading — a skill no one possesses, or has ever possessed — presumes to tell you what you’re thinking, whether or not you think you’re thinking it. Or, more commonly it tells you that you’re not thinking what you think you’re thinking, and the so-called mind reader is about to set you straight as to what you’re really thinking.

The belief that they can read minds is why leftists can accuse you of racism if, for example, you favor lowering taxes.

Or, they can tell you that you hate women if you’re pro-life. Both of these accusations — racism and hating women — are obviously slope-headedly, slack-jawedly, droolingly stupid, because they imply that there are no other possibilities for your beliefs except the conclusion in the accusation.

When someone comes at you screaming in your grill that black lives matter! he’s presuming to tell you things about you that he couldn’t possibly know.

(It’s in this kind of encounter that I favor retorting immediately that the shouter molests farm animals, and before he picks up his jaw, tell him that you have every bit as much evidence of that, as he has that you don’t believe that black lives matter. Then when he recovers, and recommences brow-beating you, tell him that he needs to stop preying on young school children. When he stammers again, tell him that you know that some black men (assuming it’s a black guy browbeating you) do that, therefore he does that. Just as he’s implying that you’re a racist because some white people are racists. And so forth. The point: Never let the false, grotesque accusation go unchallenged, and undebunked. Do it calmly, but do it firmly, and uncompromisingly)

Look, no one believes more fervently than I that black lives matter, so I couldn’t be blamed for being a tad resentful if someone tells me that I don’t believe something that I do believe… deeply. Okay?

So, every time some Black Lives Matter activist comes onto the television screen and hollers the implied accusation that you think that black lives don’t matter, tens of millions of Americans around the nation feel the pang of resentment of the falsely accused.

Now, you have to remember, white Americans — especially white, heterosexual, male Americans — have been accused, for generations now, of a whole passel of things of which they’re obviously not guilty.

Supposedly they’re racists, sexists, homophobes, islamophobes, transphobes, they’re brutish neanderthals just lurking around, waiting to find some person belonging to some tiny splinter demographic group to abuse, to molest, to rape, to assault.

After a while, we white, heterosexual, male Americans just developed the habit of rolling our eyes, and tuning the flapdoodle out. We were always too busy working our tails off, providing the leisure time for those calling us monsters to think of new ways to call us monsters.

Then, each evening, we’d come home, too tired to kick the family dog, or abuse the chattel servant we called “our wife.” (Besides, we’d be interrupting her glass of Chardonnay, and we all know what happens when we do that! You know what they say: “Happy chattel, happy life!”) And, we’d slog our tired glutei maximi to bed, whence we’d crawl out the next morning and do it all over again.

It’s good to be the king!


You know how it is, when you say something like, “I believe X!” and someone retorts, “No you don’t. I’ll tell you what you really believe!” Annoying, no?

The shouted “Black Lives Matter” is like that.

Now, we white, heterosexual, male Americans were okay with the steady pulsing, drumbeat of:

“You’re a monster! You’re a brute!
You’re a sex-crazed big galoot!

You’re a beast! You’re a brainless, mindless, spineless, form of life!
You’re not fit to call me your wife!

You’re a tyrannical patriarch,
preventing poor, little, downtrodden me from making my mark!”

“I’m sorry,” we’d say.
“Shut up! You’re interrupting my Chardonnay!”

(Someone put that to music!)

That would all be okay… if it were just that steady drumbeat. It’s amazing what you can grow accustomed to, and we’d long assimilated the ridiculous accusations into the Muzak of our lives.

In fact some of us had taken it in it so completely, that now we simply automatically intone the magic words, “Yes, dear.”

We know the accusation’s false, but we’d long ago arrived at a kind of steady state that we could tolerate.

Then, along with all that came the Black Lives Matter movement, looking us all in the eye and telling us that we don’t believe what we say we believe. Not only is it reading our mind — something we know that no one can do — but it’s telling us we’re liars.

You believe what we say you believe, and that’s that!” is what it says.

The steady drumbeat of the false accusations was bad enough, now there’s more! And more. And more. And more.

Remember, these things come in sequence, like a parade. First there was the Civil Rights Movement to tell us where we’d gone wrong, and we responded with, “Okay, you’re right. Here’s everything you demand.”

Then the Feminist movement came along (actually, there was considerable overlap, but Civil Rights made the bigger splash at its crescendo) to tell us all what cavemen we were. So, we thought about it for about 30 seconds and said, “Okay, you’re right… here’s everything you demand.”

Then came Gay Rights to tell us how backward we were to get skeeved out at, well, at you know at what. (Eeeeeewwww!) And we thought about it for about 15 seconds — I mean we had to get ready to go to work the next day! Who has the time to contemplate what jerks we are all the time?!? — and we said, “Okay… you’re right… here’s everything you demand.”

Then came the Trans movement, to tell us that boys will be girls and girls will be boys, and both will be neither, and one will be another, but not the other, and all whenever they just… say so. And if you disagree with that, well then you’re an anti-science troglodyte! And besides, not only is all that perfectly normal, but it’s really, really noble. And, we were tired. It had been a long day at work, and Chardonnay’s not cheap. So, we thought about it for about five seconds — I mean, we know the drill by now! — and we said, “Okay, you’re right… here’s everything you demand.”

Now it’s Black Lives Matter, telling us that all the way back when we simply said “Okay.” to the Civil Rights Movement, it wasn’t over. No, that stunning, non-violent, complete capitulation to every single demand of the movement had only unleashed a tidal wave of abuse, violence, hatred and horror on black Americans… despite a complete lack of  evidence for it. You see it was all hidden in the walls of “institutions” and in the processes and procedures of “systems,” all of which had marinated forever in white hostility toward black people! It was in the very asbestos we breathed!

Now, though, we’re getting tired.

The Civil Rights Movement was right in its claims, and something needed to be done to rectify past injustices. Much of what was done, were the right things to do; much of what was done was right-headed… but very wrong. And very bad.

But it was all what “black leaders” demanded that we do. What we didn’t know was that many prominent “black leaders” were not looking out for the best interests of actual black people. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and many others were as corrupt as, or more corrupt than, the people they were accusing of corruption; as racist as, or more racist than, the very people they were accusing of racism.

This should not be surprising. No one should be surprised when the bank robber points to someone else and says, “He did it!”

As a result of all the bad stuff done at the time of the Civil Rights turmoil, the worst possible thing happened: we turned over the major cities, and the fates of millions of black Americans, to the thoroughly corrupt Democrat Party.

That was a crime of which white Americans are guilty.

The result?  Well, what happened was the very same result as what always happens when the Democrats get their way on an issue: someone winds up dead. In this case, the Democrats spent the next decades turning American cities into killing grounds for black Americans. Thousands upon thousands upon thousands upon thousands of black Americans… dead at the hands of Democrat Party politics and policies.

The great Kevin D. Williamson said it really well:

To the extent that governance matters, how is it that the situations in these communities is to be understood as anything other than the result of practically exclusive Democratic political power? And if Democratic political power is insufficient to turn things around in these places, then why is the answer to the current crisis more Democratic political power? (Red highlight added)

Here’s what’s wrong with the phrase “Black Lives Matter”:

  • Black lives don’t matter… to the Democrat Party.
  • Black lives don’t matter… to the Black Lives Matter movement.
  • Black lives really do matter, and always have, but only to the people being accused of not valuing black lives.
  • The Black Lives Matter movement knows all this, but continues to accuse the innocent, and to let the guilty off the hook.

Because the guilty — the Democrats in charge of the cities and the city councils and the police departments in the urban killing grounds — are on the same ideological side as the grotesquely misnamed Black Lives Matter movement.

If the Black Lives Matter movement were actually honest in their contention that black lives matter, then they’d march into the offices of countless mayors — all Democrats — of countless big cities across the country, and demand that they stop turning the cities into slaughterhouses for black people. And, if they don’t, well then they’ll have to go.

Why don’t they do that? Because black lives don’t really matter to the Black Lives Matter movement. Only power matters to them.

— xPraetorius

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