The Popularity of Today’s American Left Depends Entirely on Lies.

The differences between the two principal wings of the American polity, the Left and the Right, couldn’t be more stark.

  • The Left has declared open war on America as she is today. They use The Big Lie to gain their popularity.
  • There is no significant racism in America. Yet the Left tells you it is everywhere, under every rock, behind every tree, in the air we breathe and the food we eat.
  • No  demographic group in the history of the world enjoys more benevolent feeling, more sincere, earnest good will than black Americans. Yet, the American Left insists that every white person in the country wastes vast quantities of his or her personal time in trying to determine how to make and keep black Americans miserable.
  • There is no more coddled, pampered, fussed over, worried over, no safer group of people in the history of the world than: American women. Yet, the Left tells us that every woman is destined to be raped, harassed, underpaid, abused, brutalized, practically enslaved, by ravening hordes of drooling, witless, vicious men.
  • American Capitalism has liberated more people from poverty than anything else in the history of the world. Capitalism has liberated billions of people around the world. Yet, the Left tells us that Capitalism is a system based on exploitation, on domination, on amorality and  greed. (Like Socialism, but that’s for another day)

The popularity of today’s American Left depends entirely on these and other lies.

— xPraetorius

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