For years we’ve been saying this: Someone ought to point out that three things are true #1: the mess is in the cities, and #2: the cities have been run by Democrats for three generations, and #3: if you want to fix black Americans’ problems, get the pathology of Democrat Corruption and Misrule out of American cities.

I hope it goes without saying that Democrat Corruption and Misrule ought to be replaced with something significantly better.

Anyway, we’ve been saying that for a very long time now. And now someone else — finally is saying it — forcefully and with his customary erudition, research and stratospheric ability to turn a phrase.

It’s the great Kevin D. Williamson in the great National Review Online (here).

The subhead to Williamson’s piece is a hint that he’s about to unload. Here it is:

We have real people to hold accountable, and we know their names.

The great Kevin D. Williamson elaborates a bit from there:

But, oh, the transmuting magic of partisanship! Minneapolis is a Democratic city, with a Democratic mayor and a Democratic city council (0.0 Republicans on that body), in a state with a Democratic governor and a Democratic state house; these are the people who hire police chiefs and organize police departments, who specify their procedures and priorities, who write the laws that the police are tasked with enforcing — Democrats and progressives practically to a man. (Not every member of the Minneapolis city council is a Democrat — there’s a Green, too.) That’s a lot of lefty power, hardly anything except lefty power — but, somehow, the bad guy in this story must be Donald Trump.

It should be noted that Williamson can’t stand Donald Trump. You can discern that disdain a short while later in the same essay:

President Trump is, of course, cooperating mightily with the effort to make him the villain of the piece — his low character, tough-guy strutting, and habitual Twitter buffoonery all go a long way toward that. The Democrats are lucky to have him as a foil. Otherwise, they might be made to really seriously answer some uncomfortable questions, such as: Who has been in charge in Minneapolis lo these many years? Philadelphia? Chicago? Detroit? Los Angeles? Cleveland? Dallas? To the extent that governance matters, how is it that the situations in these communities is to be understood as anything other than the result of practically exclusive Democratic political power? And if Democratic political power is insufficient to turn things around in these places, then why is the answer to the current crisis more Democratic political power? (Red emphasis added)

That’s a powerful paragraph. And, (reaching around to pat self on back) we’ve been saying that very same thing for years now!

Williamson’s not done yet:

Cue the retreat into abstraction: The problem mustn’t be political leaders and the decisions they make — that can’t be it, because progressives have all the power in these cities — and so the problem instead must be something without a fixed address and regular business hours: systemic racism, white supremacy, white privilege, capitalism, etc. It isn’t that racism is imaginary, any more than crime, poverty, or government corruption is imaginary. But Minneapolis hasn’t been governed by abstractions all these years. It has been governed by people. (Red emphasis added)

Yep. It’s been governed by leftist people, the same ones currently infesting the Democrat Party.

Williamson’s just getting started:

This plays out in some obvious ways. For example, some critics of police violence have come around to the view that one of the problems here is the power of police unions, which resist efforts to increase accountability and oversight of their members. There is a political party in this country that is very much committed to increasing the power of public-sector unions, that has worked hard with some success to do that, and that is enormously dependent upon the financial and political support of those unions for its campaign efforts — and it is not called the Republican Party. It’s the other one. (Red emphasis added)

“It’s the other one.” Which one? Wait… no hints now. Hmmmmm… which one could it be? Does it, perhaps, start with a “D” and end with a “Y” have have “emocrat Part” in between? Hmmmm…?

Williamson is rarely incomplete. He rarely offers up just one piece of evidence to support his positions. After the above salvo, he continued with this:

It surely is the case that the African-American children who attend public schools in Philadelphia or Atlanta are subjected to the same racism experienced by other black Americans. But it wasn’t the agents of white supremacy that corrupted their school administrations and made their educational institutions into the dysfunctional failures they are today. It wasn’t David Duke who turned the Atlanta public schools into a criminal conspiracy that ended in racketeering convictions. Progressives have been running the show in big-city school districts for decades, and the mess they are is the mess progressives made of them. (Red emphasis added)

A propos all that, there’s more from Williamson:

The Democrats are going to have their convention in Milwaukee this year. If Republicans had any wit to them at all, this would present a priceless political opportunity, because Milwaukee is a mess, its schools are an especial mess, and Wisconsin has the biggest black–white academic-achievement gap in the country. Black students in Wisconsin have the second-lowest graduation rate in the country. (Red emphasis added)


When the Democrats gather in Milwaukee, they will do so to nominate Joe Biden for president. Biden points to the situation in Minneapolis and says, See, this is why you need me instead of Trump. The list of legitimate complaints and criticisms of Trump is very, very long, but he wasn’t running the circus when Minneapolis became what Minneapolis is — he was hosting a game show and appearing in softcore pornographic films. Biden, on the other hand, was elected to the Senate in 1973. He was for many years rather proud of being the author of a crime bill that many progressives link to mass incarceration and was a staunch advocate of the so-called war on drugs, which has contributed to the militarization of police departments, both in terms of their arsenals and their attitudes. (Red emphasis added)

See if you can guess who’s been in power in Milwaukee during all the time when the biggest black–white academic-achievement gap in the country was building. Surprise! The Democrat Party!

Williamson finally says this:

We have no need to resort to abstraction. We have real people to hold accountable, and we know their names.

Yes, we do. Will we hold the bastards accountable? I doubt it.

To summarize a bit, what both the great Kevin D. Williamson said, and what we’ve been saying for years:

  • The Democrat Party has controlled the major American cities for generations now.
  • The major American cities are hellholes for black Americans, resulting in thousands of deaths of young black Americans every year. In fact, more young black American men die each year in major American cities, than were lynched over the entire time that lynching was going on.
  • Democrats keep getting elected in the major American cities, over and over and over and over and over again.
  • Black lives don’t matter, obviously, to the Democrat Party.
  • The Democrat Party is the political wing of the American Left. The Black Lives Matter movement is of the political Left.
  • It should be obvious that black lives don’t matter to… Black Lives Matter.

— xPraetorius

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