Anti-Racism Hurts Black People Worse Than Racism Itself

I didn’t say it… one of my favorite people, Professor John McWhorter, said it.


It’s a presentation, jam-packed with things that most Americans don’t know.

Usually, when I bring great videos such as this one to your attention, I’ll pull out choice snippets that I think are worth your consideration, and that I hope will entice you to watch the entire video. In this case, though, I won’t. Too many important points! Plus, the video is only a tad shy of fourteen minutes long. Surely you can spend fourteen lousy minutes to have your horizons expanded significantly, no?

— xPraetorius

2 thoughts on “Anti-Racism Hurts Black People Worse Than Racism Itself

  1. Thanks for posting this. I’ve read a lot of JM’s stuff, he’s very smart and rational so of course people that don’t agree with him go ballistic.would love to get his take on what’s going on now.

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