They’re Everywhere!

Just ask the Left! They’re everywhere!

Violent White Nationalists! They’re everywhere!

Violent White Supremacists! They’re everywhere!

Far-right wingers, trying to smash our rights and put us down! They’re everywhere!

Name one.

4 thoughts on “They’re Everywhere!

  1. Does it matter? I mean.. truly? I am sure you don’t like what the far right does.. and I don’t like what Antifa does (although I am not a Liberal)… people of even average moral character don’t favor the actions of either extreme. Either way.. any nutjobs break the law then send ’em to jail.
    The problem is from the very beginning.. and the missed opportunity Trump had with Charlottesville.. “some of them are good people” and he refuses to say too much against the far right because he knows some of his base hangs in there. More to the point.. Trump refuses to listen to his own advisors on how to keep a non-divisive image.

    1. Well, this is why you and I disagree, Doug.

      Does it matter? Yes. A vast portion of the Left’s scare campaign to terrify Americans into voting Democrat is to fabricate a “far-right.” My point is that there simply is no far-right. If there were, then someone somewhere could name a member of the group.

      There is, however, a far-left… and we even have some of these bastards in the halls of power: Sanders, Omar, Tlaib, Pressley, etc. Worse, the Democrat Party is embracing the bastards ever more closely.

      You can name far leftists, because there are lots and lots and lots of them. You can’t name far-rightists, because there is not a single, solitary one of them whom anyone anywhere takes at all seriously. There is, obviously, no far-right in America.

      Further, your continued misunderstanding of the Charlottesville incident is both a very, very, very common problem across the country, and a major problem. Because it’s also is a major foundation of the leftist scare campaign, which is a crucial part of the Democrat Party plan to regain the White House.

      First, everyone already knows that Trump said only that “there were good people” in the ranks of those who wanted to tear down Civil War monuments, and those who opposed their removal. He quite plainly said that the others who were there to do violence were not good people. The media willfully lied about what Trump said, and many chose to e duped by the lie.

      Still, people like you, as well as the media, keep repeating and repeating and repeating the same lie. over and over and over again. That means that you use an argument that (1) either you know is false, in which case you’re ignorant, or (2) you know it’s false, but you use it anyway, which casts serious doubts on your character. Sadly, there are no other options in that case.

      The problem is that there are millions and millions and millions of people who are still using that argument as part of the full rationale they use to hate Trump. That means that millions and millions and millions of the Democrat Party base are either (1) ignorant, or (2) willfully dishonest.

      Sorry, but it’s okay to criticize such people.

      Next, since you never challenged my original premise that there is no “far-right” in America, I’m concluding that you agree with me. That means that your condemnation of Trump for not “condemning the far-right” is silly. Why, after all, criticize something that doesn’t exist?

      However, you’re also wrong in what you say. Every time Trump talks about the far-right (the one that really doesn’t exist) he condemns them, as he did overtly in the case of Charlottesville. As he has done several times since.

      Oh, by the way, there is no obligation to condemn the “far-right” (which doesn’t even exist in any meaningful way) at the same time someone is criticizing the far-left.

      I absolutely agree with the notion that Trump doesn’t listen to his advisors sufficiently. It’s one of the things I deeply disapprove of in his case. It was one of Obama’s major flaws. Obama used to say that he really didn’t need his advisors because he was smarter than they all were anyway. So, you got one thing right.


      — x

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