It’s Worth Repeating (6/4/2020)

(And we said it here first — all the way back in April of last year)

Here’s what we said more than a year ago:

Racism [in America] directed at non-white people has been utterly defeated in white hearts and minds. Want proof? Okay. Easy: The entirety — one hundred percent, no exceptions — of laws, practices, processes, regulations, rules, policies and procedures in America have been overhauled to remove every last vestige of possibility that it might be lawful or even acceptable to discriminate against non-white people in America. (red highlight added)

This is the reason the term “Institutional Racism” is a nonsense term. All the institutions of America have been aggressively made over to be friendly to non-white Americans. All this was happening as America was also busily codifying and legalizing actual race-based discrimination — against white Americans — called “Affirmative Action” — in employment, housing, education and elsewhere.

In other words: White people were busy institutionalizing race-based discrimination against… themselves. There is therefore, actual “Institutional Racism” — and it’s directed against white Americans, and it’s been legitimized by the U.S. Supreme Court.

— xPraetorius

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