The Second Killing of George Floyd

We’ve all seen the terrible video. In it we watched a goonish “policeman” kill a man — George Floyd — who was already restrained by handcuffs.

It was really hard to watch. It’s always hard to watch someone being killed.

But that was only the first killing of George Floyd.

Then a bunch  more goons — leftists — (1) fabricated widespread racism where there is none, (2) whispered in the ear of the media to whip up protests for non-existent reasons, (3) interposed violent goons within the initially peaceful protests, and turned them into violent riots, and then used these riots to destroy persons and property — again for no real reason. 

The first killing of George Floyd made the other goons very happy. They like this kind of thing, because it’s a way to make things happen. Nothing makes these goons happier than when a white American kills a black American.

Here, they think, is something they can use to do a number of things: Whack the image of Donald Trump is a small one. Kill people and break things is another thing. Kill any people.

Because killing people is what the American Left like. These particular goons mocked the memory of George Floyd, twisting him into a face for violence, for killing, for theft, for goonery of all kinds. 

That was the second killing of George Floyd: the perversion of his memory into something grotesque. It took a crime, an atrocity, a tragedy… magnified it, and made it far worse.

Now, goons are out and about smashing store windows, assaulting people, killing cops, grabbing anything of value and bringing it home. Why? Because who doesn’t want a big-screen tv, or a computer, or a whatever? For free, man!

The second killing of George Floyd is  every bit as much an atrocity, as disgusting and shameful as the first one.

— xPraetorius

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