A Simple Truth: There is no “Far-Right” in America

We are being lied to and lied to and lied to in America today. So many falsehoods being repeated ever so earnestly and seriously by the talking heads of the dominant media!

I was hashing it over with some Facebook interlocutors, and said this to someone who was simply repeating the usual leftist fluff that so many swallow uncritically as “received wisdom,” because it’s all they hear. Here is one of my posts to that thread:

“You said: “The far Left and the far Right are trying to destroy this country.” [Editor’s Note: this is “the usual leftist fluff that so many swallow uncritically as “received wisdom,” “] You were half-right.

There is no discernible “far-right” in this country, and you would be hard-pressed even to identify what “governing platform” this fictitious group offers.

You couldn’t name one single person, whom anyone in this country takes even slightly seriously, who might be a far-rightist. Go ahead; take that challenge. Name one person who’s a far-rightist, whom anyone at all takes seriously.

Oh, there are a few dozen anarchists, there’s the odd extreme Libertarian, but that’s about it. If you were to try to go down the: “It’s the racists” path, that would fail too. The racists are all on the Left. [Editor’s Note: This was incomplete on my part. Better stated would have been something along these lines: “Nothing suggests that racism is a right-wing phenomenon, while there’s plenty of evidence pointing to racism as a problem of the political Left.”]

The only “governing idea” that the “far-Right” has is to militantly, aggressively… leave you alone. [Editor’s Note: True! The image of the “far-rightist” in America today is of the loner survivalist out in his cabin deep in the woods, shunning contact with anyone, in particular though, representatives of the government.]

That’s the foundational belief of America’s political right wing today. Any people who might want to come in and oppress the people, using governmental power are, by definition, leftists.

But, there is no threat to America or to Americans from the non-existent ‘far-Right.'”

I wrote all that to one person on a thread, but the challenge was implicitly to all. The thread involved several dozens of commenters. And while my comments to such threads generally spark a storm of verbal support or abuse, this one met a deafening silence. No one took me up on it at all. Now, if there were such far-right wing people, surely someone somewhere would have been able to name him or her.

— xPraetorius

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