How the Tara Reade Sexual Assault Accusation Against Biden is a HUGE GIFT to… the Democrats

(WARNING! This is a bit of a rambling, wide-ranging discussion of the details of how Tara Reade’s allegation that Joe Biden raped her is actually a gift to the Democrat Party)

This all takes place over several parts, clearly marked

Part I

Yep. You heard it here first!

The Tara Reade sexual assault accusation against Joe Biden is the best news possible for the Democrats.

The Democrats are frauds… this whole idea that they’re the party of moral outrage about the mistreatment of women by men is a bunch of hogwash. The Left, and their political wing the Democrat Party, represent, by far, the most prolific, most habitual, most egregious abusers of women in American history.

You name it: rape, assault, all kinds, harassment, lack of respect, the entire spectrum. That’s the Left’s general behavior toward women.

Now, however, Tara Reade has given them a massive opportunity: They could, if they were so to choose:

  1. Rise up in all their operatic, fake moral outrage at yet another incident of sexual abuse by a powerful man, and reclaim their shredded image as the party that cares about women’s well-being. And…
  2. Throw the embarrassing Joe Biden overboard. (as they’re in the middle of doing right now anyway) And…

So far, the Democrats have been nearly universally failing to take advantage of the incredible gift that Reade has offered them.

Part II

Some leftists have recognized Reade for the massive opportunity that she represents: Hakeem Jeffries, Democrat of New York has seen the “Biden’s dead” writing on the wall, and is suggesting that Reade’s allegations be investigated. #MeToo whiner Rose McGowan (She called the Democrats a “cult.” That sounds right!!) has emotionally done the same. Chris Hayes (MSNBC) and Mika Brzezinsky (also MSNBC) have tentatively questioned Biden, using big, soft, foamy gloves, and aggressively pulling their punches. But there’s been not all that much more from the Left. (Update: Leftist apostate Krystal Ball has called the Dems out on their obvious hackery.)

Worse than all this, though, some leftists have re-doubled their silliness. Her Royal Clintonian Majesty had come out with a recent endorsement of his Senile Bidenian Fruitcakiness.

At least these stupid, corrupt bastards are consistent corrupt bastards. Consistently corrupt. Consistently stupid. Always bastards.


Part III

An opportunity is three things:

  1. The gift of the potential for positive things, and…
  2. A requirement that you recognize and correctly understand the opportunity and…
  3. A requirement that you act to seize the opportunity.

Never let it be said that top Democrats are intelligent enough to seize this gift from Tara Reade! Nancy Pelosi has testily refused to back down from her endorsement of the intellectually fossilized Biden. She said that she “didn’t need to be lectured.” That’s because she hasn’t taken outside input for generations. Because she’s herself is intellectually fossilized.

Moreover, none of the other former Democrat Presidential candidates has retracted his or her endorsement of the doddering old fool Biden for the nomination. The only question can be: what on earth are they waiting for?!?!? 


Part IV

Repeat: In response to Tara Reade, Democrats could do two things they desperately want to do! Simply by loudly and ostentatiously getting behind the Tara Reade allegations of sexual assault, they could:

  1. Absolutely risk free and cost-free!remake the shattered illusion of their being the party concerned with women’s lives and well-being, and… It’d be a complete illusion, but the media would have their backs.
  2. Get rid of the Biden albatross. (the Joebatross?)

Part V

Why are the Democrats failing miserably to take advantage of the Tara Reade gift?

There are many reasons. Remember: the Democrat Party is the home of the ideological monolith. Nothing is harder for a Leftist or a Democrat or a Media personality than to admit he’s been wrong.


More to the point, the Left is all about the notion that their beliefs are unquestionable in their entirety, and if you do question them, or even any single aspect of them, well then out you go. Ask Dave Rubin, David Horowitz, Jerry Rubin (dec.), Eldridge Cleaver (dec.), Laci Green, Candace Owens, Karlyn Borysenko, Lindsay Shepherd, Arielle Scarcella, Brandon Straka, to name just a tiny number of past and present former leftists.

No such institution can survive any level of scrutiny at all, because some aspect of some of their beliefs will harm some of their followers. Therefore there must never be any scrutiny! Particularly the scrutiny that comes with dissent, challenges and awkward questions.

The Left can’t tolerate questioning of their internal contradictions, because such questioning would expose the flaws, and risk bringing down the entire rotten, worm-riddled edifice.

The Left must prevent debate, rather than engage in it and, inevitably, lose it.

This is why the Left is responsible for all shoutdowns on college campuses and elsewhere. There are literally no tales of right-wing people or organizations ever even attempting to shut up any leftist anywhere. Because we don’t need to.

When we debate the Left, we win the debate. Every time. Because they don’t debate. It’s left their thinking unpracticed (obviously), flaccid, weak, flabby, soft, riddled with holes, outmoded notions, long-disproven ideas and ridiculous inconsistencies.


Part VI

There’s one more perfectly logical reason why the Democrat Party has failed (so far) to get enthusiastically behind Tara Reade: The majority of Democrat Party voters have pretty much decided that they want Biden to run against Trump for President.

Now, the Democrats have nothing but contempt for their voters (we made the point that the Democrats are betting everything on the hope that their deepest belief — that Democrat voters are malleable, controllable idiots — is true.), but Dem honchos can’t really say that openly, or else they’d lose those much detested, but necessary, voters completely. They do have to prepare the masses for their own betrayal, and that takes some time.

Biden must, in this view, stew in the increasingly hotter pot, before he says he doesn’t want to be a distraction, etc., etc., etc…


Part VII

The Democrats set up the rules of this crass game when they took a vulgar, but mostly innocent, quote from one of Donald Trump’s unguarded moments, and insisted that it meant that Trump was guilty of sexual assault. Trump’s quote was:

“I’m automatically attracted to beautiful — I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. When you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab ’em by the p***y. You can do anything.”

Now, I’m sorry, but the phrase does not #1 endorse sexual assault, nor does it #2: suggest that Trump engaged in sexual assault.

In this new Puritan era, you absolutely could make the argument that just “starting kissing them” constitutes sexual assault, but that’s weak. Why? Because Trump’s pretty much overwhelmingly shown that he’s a braggart, and that a good deal of his braggadocio is… just that.

Moreover, Trump even says that all he does is kiss! Then he said that “When you’re a star, they let you do it…” In no way did this quote indicate that Trump had ever actually grabbed anyone by the p***y. In fact, there’s an actual denial — “Just kiss” — that he’d ever done that.

Now, do I think that Trump, despite the obvious denial above, has ever done any p***y-grabbing as it appears that Biden has done? I don’t know. I wouldn’t be surprised. But there’s no real evidence whatsoever that he has. So, I am American: I presume he’s innocent until proven guilty… as I do for Biden.



So, back to the main point: the Democrats made the rules of this vile game, with en eye to short-term political gains (the defeat of people like Clarence Thomas, Trump and Brett Kavanaugh, among others), completely ignoring the potential down-the-road implications of setting up a game with rules they knew they couldn’t follow.

Furthermore, it should be noted that the Democrats have long thought that that they can just get completely away with breaking the rules that they themselves established. They were absolutely certain that the media would always have their backs. And they’re still right! For the most part.

The point is that the Left used to be 100% correct in their belief that the media had their backs, and they’d gotten used to it.

All the media did have their backs! Now, however, it’s no longer unanimous. It’s only the old stand-bys: The NY Times, the Washington Post, NPR, The LA Times, The Chicago Tribune, NBC, ABC, CBS, and most of the international press, who still monolithically have the Left’s back. Note: this group probably still puts their content in front of 80% of all Americans’ eyeballs!


Part IX

There are, however, other voices, on the Right, that have wide reach and huge audiences throughout America… precisely because they cater to a market that has never had a voice before that! All the way back in the 1980’s, Rush Limbaugh amassed such massive popularity because his huge audience had never heard their views expressed in public before!

Now, vast swathes of the reactionary media still mindlessly and automatically support the Left, while other, prominent media voices contradict them! These contradictory  media voices are unprecedented in American history!

When “broadcast media” came into existence, or be camse widespread — in the 1930’s — it was all leftist… all in lockstep support of Fraklin Delano Roosevelt’s massive expansion of government power, supposedly in support of the effort to end the Great Depression.

But now, the contradictory voices have real and serious impact throughout America. This still has the Left bewildered. More to the point: it has the Left terrified!

I’m okay with that. You should be too. These are the bastards trying to take away your freedom!

Part X

The Left in America has always been bunch of totalitarian, death-focused, deeply racist, power-obsessed, reactionary, mindless, manipulative, very feminine, self-obsessed, un-self aware, mindless, blind-followerist, almost hypnotized, drone-like, herd-like, sheep-like, loud, aggressive, violent, oppressive, heavy-handed, cruel, sadistic, eugenicist, power-mad, utopian bunch of ill-mannered, immature, socially retarded, retrograde, disgusting, unfit, unattractive, repulsive, abhorrent, nauseating, abominable, obnoxious, ghastly, gruesome, monstrous, noxious, appalling, imbecilic, ridiculous, moronic, beastly, fatuous, preposterous, irrational, half-assed, lunatic, screwy, dim-witted, whacked-out, whacked-off, brain-bombed idiots.(1)

I guess it’s no surprise, then, that the Democrats haven’t overwhelmingly recognized the massive gift that is Tara Reade’s accusation of sexual assault against Joe Biden. They’re idiots.

— xPraetorius


(1) In these quarters, we love François Rabelais. Do yourself a favor and look him up. Look up especially: “The Limousin Who Murdered the French Language.” I’ve been laughing about that piece for thirty years now!


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