The Real Virus: Socialism

It’s the real reason there’s a COVID-19 crisis today.

  • Socialism is a primitive system. It’s the system that’s prevailed around the world since caveman days. It’s not interested in progress; it’s not interested in solving problems; it’s not interested in improving things; it’s not interested in making advances; it is interested in obtaining and keeping power. That’s why every country based on Socialism becomes a primitive hellhole, whose inhabitants are reduced to living like beasts, surviving from day-to-day by begging, selling their own bodies, fraud or violence.
    • It’s why the government of every country based on Socialism is reduced to communicating with transparently false, clearly stupid propaganda, while using violent force to make their peoples “believe” — at least openly — the lies. Every single Socialist country: Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, Red China, Vietnam, North Korea, Venezuela today, all of Eastern Europe in the Soviet era… all Socialist countries.
  • Socialism keeps the people living in squalor, which was a major cause of the spread of the COVID-19 virus locally.
  • Socialism is about power. Nothing else. So, the Socialists in power in China couldn’t have opened up about the coronavirus, or they’d have admitted to their own incompetence, thereby threatening their own power.
    • These are the conditions that will produce two things #1: coronavirus, #2: a government in China that understands full well that they can use something like #1 to increase their power around the world. So they did. And they continue to do so.
  • Socialism did the same thing here in the United States.(1) The newly Socialist Democrat Party forced President Trump to “go nuclear” in reacting to the virus. If he hadn’t shut everything down, the Democrats would have brayed, “He did nothing and people died!” and: “He put profits ahead of people!” And all the dreary, tiresome, inevitable rest. So, they — along with their lock on the dominant American media —  forced Trump to impoverish tens of millions of people in order to appear — according to the Democrats’ rules — as if he “cares” about people. Look, I, we, don’t need the President to “care” about us. We do need him to do the right thing. That’s all; nothing else. Thanks to the Democrats and their puppets in the dominant media, Trump’s only possible option in reaction to the coronavirus was to shut everything down — whether it was the right thing to do or not. Obviously, Trump could not have done… nothing, which would have automatically produced — like Pavlov with his dogs —  the Democrat propaganda point: “He did nothing and people died!” Even though doing nothing might have been the exactly correct response.

And… to summarize:

  • It’s important to remember, at the end of all this, there were only several alternatives:
    • Do Nothing, and x people die. (x is unknown)
    • Do Some List of Things, short of the “nuclear option” — between nothing and nuclear — and y people die. (y is unknown)
    • Go Nuclear, and z people die. (z will be known)
  • Which would be the lowest number, x, y or z? We can never know. However, we do know one thing…
  • Anything short of: Go nuclear and the Democrats, along with their puppets in the media, would have claimed, either:
    • He did nothing! And that killed people! Or…
    • He didn’t do enough! And that killed people! Take your pick. It would have been automatic.
  • As it is, Trump went nuclear and the Democrats and the media are accusing him of not having acted soon enough. Of course.
    • Even though Trump closed travel to China when both the Democrats and the media were claiming that Trump was racist.
    • In other words, Trump acted before the Democrats and the media told him to. And…
    • Trump took action guaranteed to unleash a torrent of all the usual abuse, and before everyone told him that he needed to do something.
  • Still: the only thing the Democrats would have done differently can be gleaned only from their criticisms, and they say… they’d have acted sooner. Even though they’re on record as having demanded that Trump not act sooner. Socialism is all about the lies!

— xPraetorius


(1) These bastards have been Socialists all along. They just never had the integrity or honesty to admit it.

Don’t forget, these are the very same bastards who were in bed with the Soviets during the Soviet era. The very same bastards who participated whole-heartedly in the so-called “anti-war” movement in the 1960’s.

They’ve done everything in their power to prevent America from slowing, stopping or rolling back the spread of Socialism around the world.





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