Here Are The Institutions That Have Failed(1) Miserably in This Crisis

Note: Not all of them American

  1. The Communist Chinese Government — their irresponsibility is directly responsible for tens of thousands of deaths. It should be noted that the Chinese government doesn’t give a damn about that. The Chinese government does care that it might take a global public relations hit. Most desirable outcome: Abolish the Communist Chinese government.
  2. Socialized Medicine — the Western European countries experiencing horrendous death to infection rates for the coronavirus all have socialized medicine régimes. All have systems being quickly overwhelmed by the virus. All have systems envisioning rationing in which they simply… let the elderly and the infirm die. This crisis has resulted in a massive indictment of socialized medicine. Most desirable outcome: Abolish it. Privatize medicine. 
  3. Socialism itself — The cause of both the Communist Chinese government, and Socialized medicine. Most desirable outcome: Abolish it.
  4. The Left-wing Media — All have “reported” on this crisis in such a way that the crisis itself is secondary to the goal of removing President Trump from office. This is breath-taking malfeasance, breath-taking immorality… evil. Most desirable outcome: Reform it. Introduce real freedom of the press.
  5. The Left-wing Commentariat — These ghouls have been operating relentlessly and steadfastly according to the leftist clarion call: Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste! Or: How can we profit from this crisis that will kill tens of thousands, and impoverish tens of millions?
  6. The Democrat Party — Like their lose allies in the media, their approach to this has been: How do we get the most out of this crisis? Most desirable outcome: Loud and angry public shaming that leads to deep introspection into the question: Why does the Democrat Party exist at all?
  7. Various Public Figures — For example: Nancy Pelosi — who in the House of Representative, held up aid to the people in order to try to grab a wishlist of Socialistic garbage and shove it into the aid bill. Chuck Schumer — who kowtowed to the half-witted Pelosi, and delayed the aid in the Senate. These two morons appeared to be aggressively seeking the label of “Nero fiddling as Rome burns.” Most desirable outcome: These two corrupt clodpoles are retired ASAP — either electorally, or because, in the aftermath of this thing, these asses experience loud, deep public shaming, and just… go away.

You should see a strong commonality in all this. These are all left-wing people and institutions. And, why? Well, because the left is not interested in solving real problems for real people; the left is interested in: obtaining and keeping power.(2)

By the way, did anyone really doubt that in the case of such a crisis, the above-listed people and institutions would fail miserably? Thinking back, how would a hypothetical President Hillary Clinton have handled any of this differently? How would the press have covered her efforts?

Well, the crisis arrived, and — surprise, surprise! — all the left-wing people and institutions — around the world! — failed miserably.

— xPraetorius


(1) It’s important to know how we define “success,” in order to understand what we mean by “failed.” Success, for us, would mean that

  1. The number of deaths from the coronavirus would be as low as is possible. That would be a primary goal.
  2. The country, the world, would be united in the understanding that this thing needs to be defeated with minimal harm to people and economies.
  3. Reporting would be honest.
  4. Comments on the situation would be honest.

Pretty minimal requirements for “success.”

However, here’s a good example of how the left-wing media has been handling the whole thing: Rachel Maddow said that the daily Trump press availabilities should not be televised, because they were nothing more than misinformation from Trump. 

Maddow’s recommendation would be that we the people would see only their analysis of Trump’s press availabilities. Her idiotic idea was echoed by other media personalities.

Think about that for a moment. This is a prominent media personality looking you and me right in the eyes and telling us that we’re not worthy of seeing or hearing the unvarnished truth, the actual reality of what the President of the United States is saying about the biggest crisis, possibly in the history of the country. That you and I need to see that only through the interpretation that she would provide for us.

The arrogance, the élitism, the snobbery of that is breath-taking.

(2) Yes, the media are included in this list. The media exercise, real, serious power. Here’s a truism that might help illustrate that fact: If Richard Nixon had had a “D” next to his name, you would never have heard the following word: Watergate.




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