What’s Next…

Well, what is next?

  • This will be a massive, massive, massive boon for technology that supports tele-commuting. Tele-commuting, tele-work, work-from-home… all of that.
    • Buy telecomm stocks! You’ll make a fortune!
    • Also: buy digital security stocks. The companies that focus on securing the communications paths for the tens of millions of new telecommuting personnel who will be coming online very soon.
    • Buy stocks for  digital infrastructure companies.
    • This will be massive for companies like Amazon, who are massive logistics companies. Logistics: How to get things done.
    • Also: buy VPN stocks. Virtual Private Networks are a huge technology of the very near future. Like right now.
  • Similarly, ditch airline stocks. Air travel will be way, way down, as companies and their employees ditch the business trip in favor of the teleconference.
  • Similarly, this will be a massive, massive, massive boon for the notion of on-shoring. This is the opposite of off-shoring. That should be a big boon for those Americans sidelined by outsourcing. It could result in a serious reduction of stubborn structural unemployment.
  • And… what a similarly massive boon for the notion of “America First.”
  • Oil stocks have both up and down pressures coming. The “up” part is the notion that the new boost to the notion of “America First” will provide a boost to fossil fuel stocks. The “down” part of this for fossil fuel stocks, is the realization that telecommuting and reduced vacation travel and the like will depress fossil fuel demand.
  • Buy “Preppers” stocks… if there are such things.
  • Increasingly frequent calls to “buy American” will result in serious up-ticks for domestic stocks across the board.  Remember: China has already threatened to deny medical supplies to the United States. If that doesn’t result in a push to become a lot less dependent on the disgusting Communist leadership of China, then nothing will.
  • Democrats: this is a test. Oh, it’s also an emergency, but it’s also a test. Are you for or against America. Your reaction to this crisis will tell us all volumes about what you really think about America. Your party has a wing that actively, and passionately dislikes how America is now. There is credible speculation that this left wing of your party is actually thrilled at this crisis, because of the possibility that it would result in the defeat of Donald Trump in November. Democrats, your response to that wing of your party is a serious test of who and what you are.
  • Republicans, this goes for you too, but not as much. The Republican Party has never been suspect in terms of its actual love for America.

— xPraetorius

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