As Usual… (Part II)

A follow-up to this post: As Usual…

Want to stop future outbreaks of such things as SARS and the Coronavirus? It’d be easy: Simply overthrow the Communist Chinese government and replace it with a free market democracy.

Think I’m kidding? Read this essay — China Boomeranging — by the great Victor Davis Hanson at the great National Review Online (link).

Here’s a passage from Hanson’s piece:

Yet the [Chinese Communist] government initially hid all that knowledge from its own people in particular and in general from the world at large. Translated into American terms, that disingenuousness ensured that over 10,000 Chinese nationals and foreigners living in China flew every day on direct flights into the United States (Washington and California especially) from late November to the beginning of February, until the Trump travel ban of January 31.

All this laxity was also known to the Communist apparat in Beijing, which must have been amused when Trump was roundly damned by his liberal critics as a xenophobe and racist for finally daring to stop the influx on January 31 — the first major leader to enact such a total ban. (red emphasis added)

Here’s the thing that has struck me every time some major international crisis has arisen in the past century and a half: the leadership of the American Democrat Party — to whom Hanson refers as the “liberal critics” — always acts as proxy agents of the enemies trying to defeat America.

  • During the Cold War, the left wing of  the Democrat Party was deeply sympathetic to the bloodthirsty Soviet régime.
      • As time has moved on, the non-Left wing of the Democrat Party has gradually been purged from the party, at the leadership level, leaving basically a Socialist party.
  • Since its inception in 1948, the American Left has been deeply sympathetic to the Chinese Communist government.
  • During the Korean War, the American Left agitated for complete withdrawal from the Korean peninsula, which would have resulted in the conquest of the South by the North.
  • The so-called “anti-war” movement of the 1960’s was composed entirely of Soviet stooges in the leadership and the idealistic, but ignorant, half-witted, drug-besotted hippies doing the bidding of the stooges. This movement did cause the conquest of pro-Western South Vietnam by the Communist North. That conquest resulted in the government murder of more people by the victorious Communist régimes in “peacetime” than  during the entire 20+ years of war.
  • During the entire Cold War, the American Left — the Democrats — did exactly as the Soviet government wanted them to do… almost as if there were coordination(1):
    • They agitated to withdraw military protection from Western Europe.
    • They agitated constantly to drastically reduce the American military budget.
    • They always, no exceptions, worked to reduce American influence around the world, leaving the door open to steady, worldwide, Socialist/Communist expansion.
    • When the Soviet Union fell, the Democrats agitated to remove the missile umbrella protecting the newly liberated Eastern Europe. This effort succeeded when Democrat President Barack Obama did their bidding.
  • During all Asian conflicts, the American Left — the Democrats — did exactly as the Communist Chinese government would have wanted them to do, as if there were coordination:
    • They agitated to withdraw military protection from Korea, then from Vietnam.
    • They agitated constantly to drastically reduce the American military budget.
    • They always, no exceptions, worked to reduce American influence around the world, leaving the door open to steady, worldwide, Communist expansion.

Right after the terrorist atrocities of September 11, 2001, I remember thinking that no matter what (then President) Bush does, the Democrats will bend every effort either 1) to prevent it, or 2) to make it fail. I was correct on both counts.

Imagine this… the following assertion is certainly true: People around the world who are intent on harming or even destroying America always have very important question, a question posed in various different ways, but here’s the gist of it: To what extent will the American Democrat Party help us in our effort?

Otherwise stated: One of the principal weapons in all of America’s enemies’ arsenals is: the Democrat Party.

I remember having said before George Bush embarked on what came to be known as the Second Gulf War:

The main reason not to take this on is the Democrat Party. They’ll do everything they possibly can to sabotage it and make it fail. They’ll call it an “anti-war movement,” and it’ll result in the spread of war and violence and conflict for as far as the eye can see.

Every bit of that came true in every particular.

So, if you want to stop future outbreaks of things like this coronavirus catastrophe, then simply overthrow the fascist government in China and install a free-market democracy that will allow the Chinese people to prosper so that they’re not forced to eat all manner of wild creatures bought in disgusting, filthy, open air slaughterhouses called, “wet markets.”

— xPraetorius


(1) This coordination is well-documented. The Venona Project, the Mitrokhin Archive, and The Black Book of Communsim are some notable sources. Of course, there are more literary sources as well: The Gulag Archipelago is a particularly good one.


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