Coronavirus Observations

  • All indications are that it’s not much worse than a cold.
  • All indications are that it’s actually over: China — particularly Wuhan (aka: Ground Zero) — is reporting rapidly decreasing numbers of new infections. The key sign that it’s all over … all but the panic and hysteria, of course. These things are like stones tossed into a lake: the waves spread long, long after the stone’s landing spot has returned to calm.
  • The media absolutely are stoking the panic hoping it will damage Trump. Just a question of how much.
  • Democrat Party leadership is happy about the arrival on the scene of the virus. Why? Because…
  • Democrats absolutely are  using the virus for political purposes.
    • Why make such an inflammatory accusation? Easy: The Democrats use everything for political purposes.
  • For what so many think is a serious crisis, remarkably few people have succumbed to the virus. Those who have died are all the ones that the plain ol’ flu takes: the elderly, the sick, the infirm, those with diminished immune systems.
  • So far in America, your odds of winning the lottery are far greater than of dying because of the virus.
  • Like a good conspiracy theory?
    • Which political party would profit from a natural disaster-panic?
    • Related follow-up: Which political party profited from Hurricane Katrina?
    • Which political party would profit from an economic panic?
    • Related follow-up: Which political party profited from the economic downturn of 2008?
    • Which political party owns the dominant media, the ones who’d be able to manufacture a natural disaster-type panic or an economic panic?
    • If you were asked to name which political party could spin up a panic — any kind of panic — at a moment’s notice, which party would you name?
    • Which political party has spun up panics and hoaxes in the past?
    • Which political party would profit from a stock market selloff?
    • Which political party would profit from the coming nationwide job losses?
    • Do you find the timing of all this to be at all coincidental?
    • Did you find the timing of “The Great Recession” (election year 2008, with an outgoing Republican Administration in place) at all coincidental?
    • Related follow-up: Whom is an “October Surprise” thought generally to benefit?
    • Want more?  Do you think that, say, a China or a Russia would benefit from an in-depth understanding of how the rest of the world would respond to a pandemic — of natural or man-made origins?

Bottom Line: Whether or not this is all “just a drill,” our country should examine the world’s response to this, so far relatively mild, but fast-moving, illness. To understand better how a worldwide response could be more effective.

— xPraetorius

3 thoughts on “Coronavirus Observations

  1. I get what you’re saying x, but the CV is different from the flu in some alarming ways. It’s not about the death rate per say but how quickly it spreads and the compounding effect. It’s why the U.S. went from single digit # of cases to over thousand in a few weeks. Keep compounding that and the picture is not pretty. And yes, the more serious type of this affects mostly older people but not always. And, the death rate for those 70+ is astounding of which the #’s would be horrifying if we can’t contain the spread.

    In sum:

    No, we should not panic.
    Yes there is definite media bias and hype in their reporting.
    Yes, Democrats would love to see Trump score a big fat fail in how deals with Corona Virus.
    Yes the CV is a serious threat we need to take proper precautions with.

    Just my thoughts. Cheers!

  2. Thank you for your thoughts, Tricia! As usual, I can find nothing with which to disagree, including your intelligent critique of my more preferred laissez-faire approach to this thing.

    I do have the smallest quibble myself, and your critique helped me to crystallize it in my mind: This should not, IMHO, be something in which it is possible for “Trump (or any president) to score a big fat fail.”

    IMHO (again) this all belongs in the laps of the state governors, with the exception of a few things that are the strict purview of the central government.

    My gelling opinion of how the “federal government should handle” a crisis like this one (if a “crisis” it truly is) is as follows: Trump would make an early announcement saying something like this:

    We have communicated with the governors of all fifty states and told them that whatever they may need in order to keep their citizens safe, they shall have. In the meantime, we will make available to them all the material, intellectual and logistical resources they might need to supplement their capacity. There are things that only the central government can do, and we will do them. Things like judicious travel restrictions, and assistance with the coordination of interstate activities along with the movement of equipment and personnel. We will rely on the wise, and timely, counsel of state executives and officials in implementing and executing these things. The ones best equipped to deal the most effectively with this developing situation are those closest to it, and closest to the people affected by it. This means: the states, their people, and their officials and resources. The central government will do all in its power to remove any and all obstacles to their ability to act effectively, and to defeat this latest peril to the health and safety of the American people. Folks, this is America. With God’s help, and yours, we are going to meet this thing head on, and we are going to defeat it. We are going to come out of all of this… intact, stronger, wiser… and we’ll be better able to handle something else like it, if such a thing should arise again, as it surely will one day. Let’s not forget that we are the the nation that defeated tyranny, that abolished slavery and injustices of all kinds, that exposed and vanquished the forces of National Socialism, of Communism, of Radical Islamic Jihad. We are the nation that eradicated polio, the measles, and myriad other pernicious and sometimes deadly diseases. We are the nation that has over time lifted hundreds of millions… billions of people out of poverty. We put men on the moon. Our inventors are even now, making credible plans to put people on Mars… possibly in my lifetime! The vision on which this nation was founded has served as proof positive that humanity can reasonably aspire to much, much better, that humanity can do better, that, with God’s help, humanity can be better. Even our nation’s most implacable foes tacitly admit that they oppose us because they wish they could be like us.That… is America. We’re not going to allow a thing that’s worse than a cold, but not worse than a bad case of the flu to beat us. We’re not even going to let it get us down. Yes, it’ll get a few shots in at us, and we’ll suffer some losses, and we’ll mourn those losses deeply, but we are still America, we are still Americans, we are not going to let this thing get us down. We will defeat it. God bless you, and God bless the United States of America!

    Then, all he’d have to do is live up to his word, and the federal government will have done what it’s supposed to do.


    — x

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