Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories: If so, Why?!?

There are several main conspiracy theories pertaining to the coronavirus:

  • The panic is manufactured.
  • The virus is a bio-weapon.
  • The whole thing is just a drill meant to gain an understanding of how the world would respond to a real pandemic involving an actually serious disease or illness.
  • Some combination of some or all of the above.

If any of that is so, then The Big Question is:


Here are some of the answers:

Reason #1: The general landscape.

We’ve often said, here at our small but increasingly influential think tank, that the answer to “Why does the Left do that?!?” is often: “Because they can.” That umbrella answer hangs over all the corrupteries, grotesqueries and depredations the Left does.

For generations, the American Left has understood that they can get away with all manner of disgusting, immoral (cf eg: Weinstein, Harvey) behavior, and the media will always protect them, always have their backs.

That corrupt edifice has big, increasingly numerous cracks in it now, with the emergence of phenomena like Rush Limbaugh, FOX News, and more.

If the coronavirus, and the resulting panic, originated from the Left in order to bring down Trump, then a principal reason for this would be: because they believe they can. But that’s not the only reason.

That’s why they think they can get away with it. Now that they think they can get away with it, why would they do such an evil thing?

Reason #2: The Left is the political tendency of death.

Remember: the Left is the political tendency that has fiercely embraced abortion. It’s growing love for euthanasia is perfectly logical. Its attachment to policies that more people in poverty also contributes to diminished life spans for the poor.

In fact, we’ve said it many times in these pages: Anytime the American Left, or its political wing the Democrat Party, embraces a position or policy, someone ends up either dead or impoverished.

The Left doesn’t care if  people die. In fact, the more the better, as far as leftists are concerned. Why? An important of core leftist beliefs is that the world is over-populated.

For the American Left to “collude” with, say, the Communist Chinese leadership isn’t remotely out of the question. Consider this: Since it was proven that the Trump campaign didn’t collude with the Russians, that means that the Democrats themselves invented the notion of colluding with foreign leaders for their own benefit.

Related: The Communist Chinese government really wants to “thin the herd.” In fact, the Communist Chinese government would love it if they had one-half, or even less, of the population they currently have. Otherwise stated, the Communist Chinese government would be thrilled if 700 million of their own people would just… die. By the way, this is not controversial. The following truths buttress it:

    • The Chinese government itself has said that it would prefer to have half the current population.
    • Mao tse Tung set out to accomplish it.
    • Mao’s death toll was in the neighborhood of 80 million.
    • Bloody mass murderer Mao is still revered by much of China.

Reason #3: Widespread leftist atheism.

Wait: isn’t this a stretch? Nope. If you’re an atheist, then you understand full well that any you might never see any of the “good works” you do in this lifetime… unless you make things happen incredibly rapidly.

Look at the entire history of the Left, especially its most extreme strains. The Lenins, Stalins, Maos, Pol Pots, Hitlers, North Korean Kims… all sought to remake their countries in their own vision, in their own lifetimes, the political equivalent of overnight.

Look at the general behavior of the American Left: Everything is a crisis requiring immediate attention right now. If you’re convinced that there’s nothing for you after you die, then you’d be inclined to do all you can to “make things better,” as you understand “better” … now.

Reason #4: The Left’s general ethos.

For the Left, the more poor people there are, the better. The Left profits handsomely by any and all increases in poverty. This is because the Left measures “profit” using a different currency. Their currency is: power.

Why manufacture a financial crisis? Poverty is leftist power.

Reason #5: The Left is overly populated with idiots.

As we’ve said in these pages (here, for instance), an idiot doesn’t know he’s an idiot… because he’s an idiot. 

You could paraphrase this perfectly accurately like this: an idiot often thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room… because he’s an idiot. 

Two following is true: The Left is jam-packed with idiots who think they’re the smartest guys and gals in the room.

Reason #6: They’ve done this before! Many times.

Look at all the rationales and justifications that the Left has used in the past to exterminate people. Look at what Mao said when he was busily slaughtering tens of millions of Chinese. Look at what Stalin said when he was doing the same thing. Hitler required reasons and justifications in order to gin up first agreement with, then fervor for, his projected efforts.

In retrospect, every excuse every dictator has ever used to murder people has turned out to be a fabricated. Now, if you were to examine the justifications the American Left has used as an excuse to, say, slaughter 60 million babies in utero, they’re all manufactured as well.


  • The Left still thinks it can just get away with it. After all, who could possibly believe that the Left could be so evil? (Reminder: in its extreme manifestations, the Left has murdered more than 120 million people in the past century alone. It’s not unreasonable, or hyperbolic to say that the Left has waged a vicious, bloody war against… people… for more than a century.)
  • Who benefits from all this chaos, death, panic, decreased wealth? The answer to that is obvious: The political Left.
  • They’ve done this before.
  • A thought experiment:
    • If…
      1. you thought you could get away with something that you knew would benefit you enormously, and…
      2. you knew that what you were plotting was shady, corrupt and grotesque, but…
      3. you were completely confident you could get clean away with it, and…
      4. you knew that what you were plotting would result in vastly greater wealth and power for you, and…
      5. you were absolutely unscrupulous… uncaring who might get hurt or die by what you’re planning, and…
      6. in fact, you, and many other people of your thought tendencies, were on record, numerous times, as stating that there ought to be fewer people in the world, and…
      7. you’ve already gotten away with this type of thing, for decades…

Now: given all that: Would you do it? (Keep in mind #5 in the list above.) Remember: the leadership of the international and American Left face that little thought experiment every day of their lives.

— xPraetorius


One thought on “Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories: If so, Why?!?

  1. The media caused the panic for commercial and political reasons.
    In accordance with the principle “never let a crisis go to waste” politicians either used the media induced panic in order to advance their goals or they helped creating the panic for the same reason.
    These political goals vary from country to country.
    In the US the presidential elections and the hatred for President Trump surely play an important role.
    I fully agree that China’s communist party has absolutely no compunction about killing thousands or millions of Chinese but I don’t think that the virus was intentionally released.
    The virus doesn’t care whether you are a communist apparatschik or a simple worker and a good deal of those apparatschiks are in the age group that is disproportionally killed by the virus. While the Leadership of the communist party does not care about the Chinese people they care about the members of their own families who also would be threatened by the virus.
    So, unless the leadership had already a vaccine or a cure at their disposal, this scenario is unlikely.

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