The Sanders Defenestration is Almost Complete


Today is the day on which the Democrat Party completes the task of wrestling Bernie Sanders out the window and onto the pavement below.

It’s a day some call “Mini-Tuesday” and it contains half-a-dozen or so primaries, including the big prize: Michigan. Moth-eaten Joe Biden is expected to mop up these primaries, and put a stake into the Sanders campaign so that Democrat Party higher-ups can concentrate on the important work of formulating dirty tricks to defeat President Trump later in November.

Remember what we’ve said here in these pages just recently (here, for instance): If there had been no coronavirus, the Democrats would have invented one. The “coronavirus-ing” that they did to Sanders was to lean on all the also-rans in the Democrat Party field to bail out of the race and in unison endorse the tattered, decrepit Biden.

There’s no question that part of the “persuasion” that eliminated Buttigieg, Klobuchar, Bloomberg, Steyer et al (Not Gabbard: she didn’t even take the phone call) was an assurance that if and when Biden wins, he won’t actually be the President, but will be heavily “managed” throughout the four years of his Presidency.

Oh yes, another thing this cycle’s Democrat also-rans heard was: Biden will be President — if in name only — for only one term, giving these very same towering mediocrities another shot in just four short years.

At the end of today, it’s just a question of whether Sanders throws in the towel, or decides that he still wants to bask in the glow of media adoration for a while longer. Remember: Sanders doesn’t really want to be the President of the United States… his is the ultimate vanity campaign. A campaign intended to make sure that Americans become used to hearing the word “Socialism.” It’s a campaign intended also to associate the name “Bernie Sanders” with what he views as the future of this country. In  that way he hopes to be seen as the latter day George Washington, the future “Father of His Country.” The founder of what he believes will be the Union of Socialist States of America — the USSA.

It’s important to note that Sanders believes he can accomplish all that even if he gets routed today in the “Mini-Tuesday” primaries.

— xPraetorius


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