Democrats’ ‘B’ Team: Perverts on Parade!

You remember Eliot Spitzer, don’t you? He was the New York governor chased from the governorship for being (caught) with his prostitute paramour all the way back in 2008!


Spitzer’s getting hitched with Roxana Girand, who’s apparently a real estate mogul in New York. Wait. Hard-leftist Eliot Spitzer is affianced to a female Donald Trump?!?! Ah, those liberal Democrats and their unshakable principles!


Spitzer became a divorcé after his long-suffering wife of 26 years(!) jettisoned him following the call-girl kerfuffle.


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Coronavirus: It’s Over!!!

You heard it here first!


All things pass.


The coronavirus is no exception. We have insider information that whatever menace there might have been from the coronavirus has: peaked, and has been on the decline for more than a week now. Needless to say, this kind of thing doesn’t arrive at the national “top of mind” for quite some time, so the panic continues.


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NPR Watch — 8/15/18 — What Have Men Learned?

Editor’s Note: I set out to clean up some of the drafts that were collecting dust in our archives, and this one came to my attention. It’s part of our popular “NPR Watch” series, a collection of essays in which we act as self-appointed watchdog for the propagandistic, puffed-up, pompous asses who comprise the National Public Radio broadcast teams, and their radio crews. We began this particular piece almost two years ago in August of 2018. Then for some unknown reason, we abandoned it. Here it is, though, complete with new ending grafted on to fill it all out. The piece was almost done anyway, so it’s not much different from when I picked it up just a few minutes ago. Here’s the gist of it:


If the harsh glare of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements were turned on women, and their role in relations between the sexes, Feminism itself would be destroyed as a movement.




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Pithy Passages From Our Pages (Part XIV)

Pithy Passages From Our Pages (Part XIV)

I’ve often wondered about the paths that people’s lives have taken. For example, if Josef Stalin had made up his mind at, say, 10-years old, that he wanted to go out into the world and murder 60 million people, what do you think he would come up with as a plausible strategy to accomplish that goal? Easy: become the leader of an incomprehensibly huge Socialist country from 1929 to 1953. That’s all there is to it. Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Castro, Ho Chi Minh, the Kim family… all figured it out. What’s the common element?


Socialism. The ideology of death.


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The Sanders Defenestration is Almost Complete

At the end of today, it’s just a question of whether Sanders throws in the towel, or decides that he still wants to bask in the glow of media adoration for a while longer. Remember: Sanders doesn’t really want to be the President of the United States… his is the ultimate vanity campaign. A campaign intended to make sure that Americans become used to hearing the word “Socialism.” It’s a campaign intended also to associate the name “Bernie Sanders” with what he views as the future of this country. In  that way he hopes to be seen as the latter day George Washington, the future “Father of His Country.” The founder of what he believes will be the Union of Socialist States of America.


It’s important to note that Sanders believes he can accomplish all that even if he gets routed today in the “Mini-Tuesday” primaries.


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Did You Know?

Did you know that there are almost no climate studies — credible or otherwise — that make the claim that human activity is the primary cause of climate change? The proportion of studies that do make that claim is: less than one-half of one percent. (41 out of 12,000)


The so-called “97% Consensus” is a bunch of fabricated hogwash.


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