Have Top Democrats Actually Gone Mad? (Part III) (philosophy edition cont.)

It’s time to ask the Democrats directly: Are you going to continue along this fascistic trajectory on which you’ve launched yourselves?

We Conservatives can’t stop fighting the fires of the present, but we also must flesh out a longer-term view. The American Democrat Party is on an increasingly rapid trajectory that will make of it America’s very first Fascist Party.

Oh, they won’t call themselves that, but sure enough they’re headed that way. Remember: we said it here first: the new fascists will come waving the banner of anti-fascism.

What political party is caterwauling the loudest and most operatically about being anti-fascist? Whose members yowl the loudest about how the other guys are fascists? Just as the real fascists of Italy and Germany looked to solidify their support in the populace by scapegoating certain people and peoples, so are today’s American proto-fascists.

Furthermore, there are prominent members of the Democrat Party who are already out and proud fascists. Again, they don’t call themselves that — because the word “fascist” fell out of favor after WWII — but the islamo-fascist racist Ilhan Omar, as well as the other members of the econo-fascist and race-fascist “Squad” are all little fascists, who would be perfectly comfortable in a totalitarian régime that would have no qualms about squelching any hint of dissent, or eliminating free speech, freedom of assembly, and freedom of religion entirely. Bernie Sanders — almost the Democrat Party’s nominee for the Presidency for crying out loud! — is a communist, which is just another word for fascist.

American proto-fascists and out fascists have all made perfectly clear their goals to abolish basic American freedoms. Couple this with the fact that prominent American universities are actively teaching impressionable American children that free speech is unnecessary, and in some cases even undesirable, and you have a recipe for upcoming disaster. The half-witted Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ran for office as a “Democratic Socialist,” for crying out loud! “Democratic Socialist” is just another way to say: proto-fascist.

To their credit, these proto-fascists, and out-fascists, haven’t hidden their intentions from anyone. Sanders has been a Marxist for generations.

No movement adheres to an ideology that is a static set of thoughts and notions. All ideologies are living, moving things; all ideologies are headed somewhere. Surely we can all agree that the road to fascism is paved with:

  • Scapegoating: Example: blaming straight, white men for every problem ever experienced by anyone in American history.
  • Generalized Suppression of Opposing Viewpoints, by:
    • Deplatforming“: the removal of media for communicating a message.
    • Shout-downs: the fun, new way to prevent Conservative or right-wing speakers from speaking on college campuses and elsewhere.
    • Intermittent and increasing violence. Examples: Antifa, Black Lives Matter.
    • Vilification of entire peoples. Examples: straight, white men, billionaires, Wall Street “fat cats,” rich people, white people in general, men in general.
    • Technological Muzzling of Opposing Viewpoints. Example: the removal of Conservative Facebook pages, Conservative tweeters, the suppression of Conservative web sites from search results.
    • Active and Aggressive Censorship in the nation’s prominent vehicles of communication, such as today’s dominant media, academia, Hollywood and pop culture.
    • Censorship’s Opposite: Pervasive Propaganda by those same prominent organs of communication. 
    • Worst of all: Weaponizing the Internal Revenue Service — the IRS — to squelch the free speech of tens of millions of Conservative people and organizations during the last election cycle.
  • Grievances, real or imagined, but vastly over-exaggerated to make them seem like looming crises in need of immediate, rapid, overwhelming, coercive and all-encompassing “solutions.” Example: The Green New Deal, to prevent imminent catastrophe from “Climate Change.”
  • And, of course: Imminent, Frequently Fabricated Crises. Example: Environmentalism itself. These are the crises — real or manufactured — that produce urgent calls for immediate action, or else… Such crises are always ill-defined and poorly understood, so that they can’t be easily disproved, and all manner of claims can be made as to who’s at fault, and the possible consequences of not acting immediately.

Look at all those things. They all come from the American Left and its political wing, the Democrat Party.

  • Scapegoating? There’s no scapegoating coming from the political Right. But there’s certainly no shortage of leftists finding all manner of scapegoats! Billionaires, Wall Street fat cats, rich people, white people, straight people, this- or that-ophobe, men, boys, masculinity, whiteness, straightness, and much, much more.
    • All scapegoating comes from the American Left today.
  • Generalized Suppression of Opposing Viewpoints? There is no suppression of opposing viewpoints coming from the political Right. No deplatforming, no shout-downs, no violence, no vilification of anyone in general (though some in particular). Importantly, there’s no technological muzzling of opposing viewpoints whatsoever coming from the Right. The Right engages in no censorship whatsoever, and is in control of no major, nationwide communications vehicles in order to spread propaganda.
    • All suppression of opposing viewpoints comes from the American Left today.
  • Grievances? There are no grievances, real, manufactured or imagined, coming from the political Right.
    • All grievances, real and imagined, come from the American Left today.
  • Imminent, Frequently Fabricated Crises? The Right is not pushing any impending crises — like “Global Warming,” or “Climate Change” — that might require immediate resolution by Right-wing solutions. (It could be argued, I guess, that I’m doing that very thing right now. However, there are catastrophes that occur in the life of a nation. Pearl Harbor, The Great Depression, September 11… things like that. Those were things, though, to which Conservatives reactedafter they’d occurred. I’m trying to get out in front of, and prevent, a catastrophe. The full-on collapse of the Democrat Party into the first American Fascist Party would be a catastrophe.)
    • All imminent and fabricated crises come from the political Left today. 
  • Weaponization of the IRS? That was President Obama’s crime. And a crime it was. The most widespread violation of American Civil Rights in American history. No one went to jail for that one.
    • All forms of arming the federal government against the citizenry have come from the Left. The political Right is the bunch whose principal, central, most important core value is: to limit government power.

More to the point: All signs of an actual trajectory toward Fascism come from the American Left today.

For the very same reasons Germany’s Nazi Party went mad — anger, bitterness, resentment, paranoia, power madness — the American Democrat Party is headed down the ugly road to out-and-out fascism. We Conservatives need to ask them now whether they intend to maintain that course, or are they going to reverse course and return to sanity?

Nor can we accept a response like, “Well, we’ll be more reasonable when you’re more reasonable.” Why? Because:

  • We’re not scapegoating anyone.
  • We’re not suppressing their speech.
  • We’re not shouting down leftists on college campuses.
  • We’re not calling them horrible names.
  • We’re not blaming them for every problem ever experienced in America(1)
  • We’re not excluding their web pages from search engine results.
  • We’re not deplatforming them.
  • We’re not censoring anyone.
  • We’ve never unleashed the IRS against tens of millions of leftist and leftish people and organizations.

We should be ready for them, automatically, to say they’ll play nice when we play nice. In that case, this small essay here has provided way more than enough fodder for symposia, for conferences, for research papers and reports, for studies, scholarly papers and books, for all manner of exploring the accelerating descent of the American Democrat Party into fascistic madness.

— xPraetorius


(1) Interestingly this is something we should be doing! Racism, slavery, segregation, Jim Crow Laws, heavy-handed, oppressive government, squelching of free speech, squashing of individual rights and property rights… these are all things of the political Left.


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