Have Top Democrats Actually Gone Mad?

  • Item: Top Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer actually threatens physical violence against two sitting Supreme Court Justices. It’s a threat that draws a exceedingly rare rebuke from the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court himself.
  • Item: Democrat Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, then excoriates Chief Justice Roberts for rightly rebuking Schumer!
  • Item: A leftist ” does the math,” and comes to the conclusion that Michael Bloomberg could “easily afford to give everyone $1 million dollars and literally never notice.” She tweets that out.
    • An MSNBC “news” show with Brian Williams —  prominent “news” man who was once fired for, well, lying — and his colleague Mara Gay, discussed the tweet. On national television, they treated the ludicrous million dollar number as if it were a fact. However, if every last dime of Bloomberg’s 500 million campaign dollars had been distributed among all 327 million of us Americans, each of us would get… $1.53. Yep. A buck and a half.
    • The million dollars was a number was in a tweet that someone on MSNBC’s staff of writers read, then copied down, and put in talking points for Williams and Gay. Apparently having not done any calculations on the number to check its accuracy. The goal behind the MSNBC discussion of the ludicrous number was to provide a pithy gotcha topic to deploy against those nasty-wasty billionaires. That number, as expressed loudly and prominently… by prominent MSNBC  personalities — on national television! — is off by a factor of… more than 650,000.
    • Finally, the real math is more like this: if Bloomberg were to give every American a million bucks, he’d have to do it from a fortune of… at least 327 trillion dollars. That’s trillion with… twelve zeroes. That’s almost more money than exists in the world. If Bloomberg were to do it, as the original math genius suggested, and not even notice it, then he’d probably have to have considerably more money than that.
    • In fact, the real number that Bloomberg would have to have, in order to give every American a million bucks, is about 5,450 times more than he actually does have. That’s a big enough number to allow us to use numbers to write it, and use a comma!
    • Then, get this, the math genius behind the original absurd tweet that Brian Williams and Mara Gay repeated — on national television! — that Bloomberg could give us all a million clams… doubled down on it. (Linked at top)
  • The great Charles C.W. Cooke of National Review wrote a great essay (here) that answers my question for me. Cooke concludes: They really believe this nitwittery! 

If they haven’t actually gone mad, Democrats are surely on the way there… fast!

— xPraetorius


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