Sanders’ Castro Blunder

Assuming that Bernie Sanders is honest in his equivocation on the Cuban régime, then he’s either 1) too stupid, 2) too blind, 3) too power-hungry, 4) too willfully ignorant, or 5) too dishonest to see it. We can’t rule out: 6) All of The Above.


If Castro thought that to shoot people wholesale would enhance his power he did that. If Castro thought that to imprison people en masse would further his power, then he did that. If Castro thought that to teach the people to read would solidify his power, he did that too.


Castro’s “literacy programs” had only one purpose: more effective indoctrination and subjugation of the Cuban people.  They succeeded to a large extent. Fattening the cow for slaughter.


Here’s a crucial understanding too: If Castro had deemed that to keep the people completely illiterate would be more effective in his retention of power, then he would have done that.


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Let’s Not Forget: Joe Biden is a TRULY Bad Person

Where does the Democrat Party find these despicable creeps? And why don’t they leave them under those rocks? Maybe a better question is: why do the vicious degenerates and goons always find their way into the Democrat Party?


The answer to that is pretty easy: the well-known Democrat Party agenda is a putrescent witch’s brew of initiatives, programs and policy prescriptions all designed to concentrate power and wealth in the hands of a tiny, deeply corrupt élite at the top of the central government. You can join the Democrat Party as a starry-eyed idealist, but you can’t stay in it without progressively surrendering your basic human decency. To get to the very tippety-top of the Democrat Party you have to surrender your humanity entirely. 


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