Warren Drops Out…

…and Biden is poised to deliver a knockout blow to Sanders in upcoming primaries. All while Biden used to be on the ropes, and Sanders was rocketing forward!

  • For Warren and Sanders, the most humiliating thing must be losing to a doddering, addled old fool. And losing by a lot!
  • Well… Sanders and Warren themselves are doddering, addled old fools… just a bit less doddering, a bit less addled than Biden… but not one jot less stupid.
  • Still… to be beaten by… Biden? Ouch!
  • The toweringly mediocre prevailing over the bat-guano crazy… talk about small favors in America!
  • The only question is whether the Democrats have anyone who’s not either toweringly mediocre or bat-guano crazy.
  • Now, whom does the doddering, addled old fool choose for a running mate? Toweringly Mediocre, or Bat-guano Crazy?
  • “Mike” Bloomberg might actually be getting ready to buy the House of Representatives and the Senate for the Democrats! No one’s denying it or decrying it.
  • How ironic is it that the Democrats constantly decry “money in politics,” all while they’re envisioning the very real, very delightful (for them), possibility of Bloomberg’s buying Congress?
    • Answer: Not ironic at all… for those of us who watch them. It’s a time-worn, tried and true tactic for the Dems. Anyone who watches them only for a brief while notices that they always do exactly what they’re loudly accusing others of doing.
  • Democrats — especially top Democrats — are… really dumb. They keep getting blindsided, because what they assume they know is so frequently wrong. This is because they believe the media who tell them they’re such geniuses. It’s important to remember that the top personalities in America’s dominant media are… dumb as stumps.
    • Remember: Trump was supposed to be just a big, vulgar idiot… he then beat The Smartest-Woman-In-The-World-Just-Ask-Anyone… like a drum.
  • The phrase we coined recently was inspired by top Dems: An idiot doesn’t know he’s an idiot… because he’s an idiot.
  • That pithy phrase has a corollary: The idiot often thinks he’s more intelligent than everyone else, and is oblivious to any evidence to the contrary… because he’s an idiot.
    • This second phrasing describes the top echelons of the American Democrat Party.
  • So, all indications (today!) are that the Democrat Party will nominate for the presidency a blithering idiot, a doddering old fool, a senile, muddle-headed, addled, decrepit, old geezer who hasn’t strung together two coherent sentences in more than thirty years… even if one of those sentences was: “Hi!”

— xPraetorius





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