Okay, Fine! Predictions Are Useless

Predictions are, by definition, dodgy at best. Predicting the future with accuracy requires that you have enough information, that you be aware of as many variables as possible, that you have a good understanding about the nature of the thing, or person, or persons about which or about whom you’re about to make a prediction. Okay?

In considering the current set of Democrat Party primaries, there are some crucial variables of which we are all, except for a very few select élite individuals, completely ignorant. It’s become kind of obvious: A tiny group of people control big events that move even bigger masses of people. First: This is the story of the Democrat Party and its leadership. Second: this is also the explanation for the resurgence of the once-moribund Biden campaign in this race.

How else to explain the heavily orchestrated, highly choreographed stampede of the Democrat Presidential Campaign B-Listers to Joe Biden? Yes, there was a phone call… or several. Yes, there was a meeting of higher-ups… or several.

All the  phone calls and meetings had a single theme: lean heavily on Buttigieg-Warren-Klobuchar-Bloomberg-Steyer-Gabbard to get out of the race and to endorse ol’ Joe. These are the big events, controlled by the tiny group of élites, meant to move the even bigger masses of people.

It worked. They all got out, or are getting out. Except for Tulsi Gabbard, who likely didn’t pick up the phone when the call  came from the DNC.

In these pages, we’ve counted out Biden at least twice… the main reason: he’s a mumbling, bumbling idiot! And he’s an increasingly senile old idiot. Mind you, this guy Biden was an idiot years ago.

More than two decades ago, I watched a C-SPAN broadcast in which Biden was “questioning” a witness before his Senate committee. I forget which committee. Biden launched into a meandering, loop-de-loop of an incoherent, rambling, meaningless, spaghetti-code heap of nonsense of a “question” that must have lasted at least five minutes.

At the end of the nonsensical soliloquy, the baffled witness could only gape, wide-eyed and dumbstruck. How do you respond to the perfectly incoherent? The witness gathered himself and tried manfully to make a response. The response was almost as incoherent as the question, because there was no possibility for it to be anything else.

That was Biden more than twenty years ago. Why would anyone think that the now 77-year old Biden would have improved in the meantime?

Can you think of anything of any substance or importance that Biden said, while he was Obama’s obsequious Vice-President? Of course not. You can’t because there were no such declarations. Biden was heavily managed the whole time.

Fascinatingly, top Democrats know all this! However, their problem is: the Democrat “bench” is incredibly light. They thought it would be people like the vacuous Buttigieg, or maybe the toweringly mediocre Klobuchar, or possibly the vein-poppingly earnest Elizabeth Warren. None of them is even slightly ready for prime-time.

Why is this? Well, it’s a bed the Democrats have made, and now they have to lie in it. The Democrat Party gave itself over completely to identity politics, and the inevitable result of that is a bunch of… identity politicians!


Yeah? So? What does that mean? Simple: you get a bunch of people whose constituencies are teeny, tiny, fringe, sliver minorities. Groups like:

  • Women who actually believe that the United States is hell on earth.
  • Women who likewise believe in nebulous, obviously idiotic concepts like “toxic masculinity,” “believe all women,” “all men are rapists or future rapists,” “safe spaces,” “trigger warnings,” and the entire whining, cringe-worthy panoply of abstract grievances that no one can actually understand because no one has actually defined them.
  • Same thing for the fervent believers in race grievance, sexual preference grievance, gender grievance, and all the rest.

Not one of these constituencies actually represents more than one percent of the people.

As a result, there are people who obtain power because they have a “D” next to their name on the ballot, but who are really just lightweights or idiots obsessed with their little corners in the identity politics world. They soon show themselves to be AOC-style kooks, lightweights, nutballs and idiots. This is the Democrat Party’s bench.

These are people like Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressley, and the rest of the young half-wits who owe all their success to the “D” next to their name but who, obviously, are not people of substance or consequence. They’re not, let’s face it, on the bench waiting for their turn to run for higher office.

It’s important to understand that these people would be much more comfortable with an “S” (for Socialist Party) or a “G” (for Grievance Party) next to their names on the ballot. That, however, would constitute honesty, and candor, and truthfulness. These people don’t use that kind of a thing in their communications to the rest of the world.

There are kooks who make it to higher office. Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, to name just a few.

But, I digress…

Everyone knows — and many, many people are saying it — that the Democrat Party is maneuvering to kick Bernie Sanders to the curb. That means the following: a small group of people — no more than several dozen or so — are meeting secretly and furiously to determine who’s going to run against President Trump this year. However those meetings conclude, that will be the Dems’ nominee when the dust from their convention settles.

So, if you want to make some real predictions, then attend some of those corrupt Democrat Party leadership meetings, and write down what they decide. It’ll have a 95% chance of being on-the-nose.

— xPraetorius

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