Biden Wins South Carolina Primary


Here’s the introductory paragraph from the Associated Press:

Joe Biden scored a thundering victory Saturday in South Carolina’s Democratic primary on the strength of African American support, a decisive win that could force moderate rivals out of the race and blunt the rise of progressive leader Bernie Sanders.

Thundering victory.” Biden won roughly 49% of the vote, and the second-place finisher, Bolshie Bernie, won roughly 20%.


This in the context of a Massive Desire on the part of the Democrat Party establishment to torpedo the campaign of Bernie Sanders? Makes me wonder whether those numbers are real.

Why, you say? Simple:

  • Bolshie Bernie had all the momentum before South Carolina.
  • The impossibly annoying Elizabeth Warren’s campaign is fading fast. She’s now running to be Bolshie Bernie’s running mate.
  • The Democrat Party establishment is desperate to get Sanders out of the race.
  • A defeat for Biden would have been the end of the Biden campaign.
  • Moreover, a small victory by Biden would have been the end of the Biden campaign.
  • For Biden to survive, he had to win big… to have what one might term a… “thundering victory.” No choice. Well… whaddya know? Biden wins big!

Interesting how Bolshie Bernie had all the momentum, and everyone was wondering what the result in South Carolina would be. Everyone thought Biden would win, but everyone also thought it’d be close.

Then… Biden won big.

It all makes the conspiracy theorist in me come out. Remember: the corruption at the top echelons of the Democrat Party is massive, enormous, ginormous… all-pervasive.

It’s never been a question of whether there would be dirty tricks directed at the Bolshie Bernie campaign, the only question ever was: what form those dirty tricks would take.

Counting the ballots and coming up with a different number from the real one would be the very least they’d do.

In several recent posts, we went right to the extreme option in the minds of the Democrat Party establishment: offing Bernie. That option is not off the Democrat Party table. Just delayed a bit.

If something strange happens, and the media do their job, investigate the primary vote counts, and uncover some “irregularities,” and if the final result of the South Carolina primary becomes suspect, or Bernie sweeps the upcoming “Super Tuesday” primary contests, all bets are off.

You read it here first.

— xPraetorius

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