Conspiracy Theory Thursday — Bernie Sanders Edition


In these pages we mentioned that the higher-ups of the Democrat Party are in a panic at the possibility that Bernie Sanders might win the nomination to run against President Trump in the 2020 Presidential election.

You have to understand that these same higher-ups would still be very happy if Sanders would just… go away. Why? Because they think Sanders has no chance to beat Trump in November. More, they believe that the election would be a nation-wide, deep blow-out for the Democrats. They believe not only that Trump’s re-election would be assured, but that the Republicans would re-take the House of Representatives and increase their lead in the Senate.

To be a bit more blunt about it: When Sanders had a heart attack last year, there was partying at DNC headquarters. They were holding their breath that Sanders would not emerge from his heart attack. Oh, it would be okay if he lived, but they’d have much preferred it if he’d died. If Sanders were still alive, after all, he could keep talking.


Don’t be surprised at all if these very same higher-ups in the Democrat Party just make Bernie Sanders “go away.” Soon. If, for example, Sanders were to win the South Carolina primary this coming Saturday.

Make it happen? Yep. They might actually kill him. Oh, it’ll be “a heart attack,” or “a stroke,” or something else, but dead is dead is dead, and Democrat Party bigwigs would love to see Bernie Sanders… gone. From their point of view, dead would be best, but silent would be just about as good. Watch for something after Saturday. Even if Biden wins… but not convincingly enough to breathe life into his dying campaign.

You read it here first.(1)

Don’t get me wrong, few people in the world have less respect for Bernie Sanders than I… but I don’t want him to die! That would be nuts! But, the higher-ups in the Democrat Party don’t care about people’s lives… particularly about the lives of people who are in the way of their efforts to obtain and retain power. Democrat Party bigwigs are very happy when those people die.

— xPraetorius


(1) If in writing this, we’ve saved Sanders’ life, then we’re very grateful for that!(2)

(2) See what I did there? If it happens, well then we predicted it in these pages! If it doesn’t happen, then we saved Bernie Sanders’ life. 🙂 (3)

(3) In a serious vein, we are absolutely calling on the Democrat Party to stop being the party of death. We’re calling on them to stop the killing of pre-born babies; to stop supporting the killing of people near the ends of their lives, and not to kill anyone at all again. To be sure, if Bernie Sanders were to die precipitously sometime after this coming Saturday, then you can be sure whatever kills him will have originated in the highest echelons of the Democrat Party.

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