Russia’s Helping the Sanders Campaign, and We Have Some Thoughts

  • Well, well, well… finally the American media print something that has a little bit of credibility! Of course, Russia, under the rule of ex-KGB head Vladimir Putin, would want to help notorious, long-time Russo-Sovietophile Bernie Sanders! Duh!
  • This idea that “Russia interfered in the 2016 election campaign” was laughable on its face… because it was so obvious. Of course Russia interfered in the 2016 election campaign… as it did in every previous election campaign! As did every other nation in the world.
  • This idea that Russia interfered in the 2016 election campaign in order to assist Donald Trump was also laughable on its face… because it was so obviously false. We said so in these pages. It was so obviously counter to Russia’s best interests to have Trump as President. Hillary was going to be Obama 3.0, and Putin had already rolled Obama like a pothead rolls a joint. Putin — again, obviously — wanted desperately for Clinton to beat Trump. Clinton was a known easy mark; Trump was a wild card talking a lot like a National Greatness Conservative. Yet again: obviously Putin wanted Clinton to win. No brainer. That’s why the press had to incessantly beat the patently ridiculous drum that Russia wanted Trump to win — to convince America of the obviously false. Does anyone really wonder why the term “Fake News” is so well-known?
  • Bernie Sanders, the senile old, Bolshie-loving, half-witted crackpot… is the leading contender for the Democrat Party’s nomination to run for President in 2020. I defy you to show me anything else that is more emblematic of that party’s(1) final descent into decrepitude and madness. A descent that started, by the way, long, long ago, when it was the party of slavery, Jim Crow, Eugenics, love for Socialism-Fascism-Naziism, segregation and more. Now it’s the party of death at both ends of life, of anti-semitism, of terrorism, of Socialism, of corruption, of senile leadership, of censorship, shout-downs, street thugs, goons and fascists, of grifting, mooching, and decadence, of worse than intellectual laziness: intellectual slovenliness.
  • About those failings — slavery, Jim Crow, Eugenics, love for Socialism-Fascism-Naziism, segregation and more — they’re symptoms of disease and degradation. For any party to survive, it must expel these things. If you study history, you see that the Democrat Party has never renounced those aspects of its past, as the Republicans did. Remember, the Republicans publicly renounced the John Birch Society, Richard Nixon, and nearly every one of its elected officials who ever might have shown even the remotest possibility that he was tainted by anything. (cf, eg: Trent Lott, et al) A body riddled with these intellectual and social carbuncles cannot survive forever. The only way the Democrats have survived even this far is by denying that these important parts of their past were ever in their past, and then by projecting them, with the assistance of a sheeplike media corps, onto Republicans, who had always opposed them. The problem for the Democrats is that the rot was still in them, and it ate out any substantive core for the Dems to fall back on, any solid foundation of ideas or beliefs, any core tenets from which to construct intelligent, rational platforms and campaigns. They have nothing left but the litany you’ve all heard by now: Racist! Sexist! Homophobe! Transphobe! Islamophobe! You hate women! You hate minorities! You hate children! (says the party of abortion), You’re all meanies! All that meaningless, substanceless codswallop left an open field for idiots like Bernie Sanders.
  • The Dems are saying: We’ll see your eccentric, unpredictable wildcard,  and raise you one psychotic, unhinged, bolshie-loving nutjob… your move.
  • The Dems are saying: “Your guy is racist and sexist and homophobic and transphobic! Well, we can beat that: we’re gonna nominate someone who hates all people! Beat that!!!
  • It’s entirely possible that high-up Democrat Party donors and leaders will meet secretly, soon, with President Trump and some legal eagles to see what they can do — either legally or extra-legally — to derail the whack-job Sanders. It’s almost funny that this effort will be only a delaying tactic. The larboard trajectory of the American Democrat Party is already set in place. That happened long ago. The party is like a ballistic missile pointed hard-left, and the colonel, long ago (in 1972?, in 1916?) hollered, “Fire!
  • Yes, I’ve long ago given up the idea that you and I are privy to the larger story behind the scenes of American elections. I credit the American Left and the American Democrat Party for having turned me into one of the world’s largest cynics.

— xPraetorius


(1) Note how I never said, “once great,” about the Democrat Party? Read in depth into their history. They were never great. Their stated goals were never their actual goals. That meant that they were never honest with their purported constituencies. They were always the party of reaction, of regression, of retrenched interests hostile to the progress of actual people. That’s why the Democrats had to re-brand themselves as, “progressives,” why they had to paint themselves, the avatars of retreating to a dark, ugly past, as the progenitors of a bright, sunny future.


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