She Demanded That We Promote A Comment To Its Own Post

A friend of this blog saw our response to Desdi (here), and suggested — demanded — that we turn it into its own standalone post. So, here it is:

We’ve long maintained in these pages that we Conservatives need — crave even — legitimate opposition from the Left.

The Left long ago abandoned any claim to legitimate ideas, and is now engaged only in insulting, bullying, bludgeoning, lying, propaganda, and other signs that they’re all out of intellectual gas.

Think about it: at the level of national issues, when was the last time the Left came up with a solid policy prescription that was coherent, made sense, worked, or, most importantly… survived serious, honest scrutiny?

I pose that question honestly. It’s possible that the American Left has not had a good idea, on a national scale, in more than a century!

Literally all the Important Big Ideas have come from the Right:

• Limited government
• Individual Responsibilities/Individual Rights
• Anti-slavery
• Anti-discrimination
• Limited taxation
• Pro-life
• Anti-eugenics; anti-euthanasia
• Support for the institution of marriage; and particularly of one man-one woman marriage
• Defense of free speech
• Support for independent, high-quality education
• A muscular foreign policy

Look at the list of policy prescriptions implemented and supported by the Left that have led to higher expenses, lower quality, diminished freedom, misery, impoverishment, despair and/or death:

• Slavery
• Government funding for education
• Government control over education, and in particular the transformation of the educational system into a propaganda machine
• Government control over healthcare
• Social Security
• Medicare
• Abortion
• The new Eugenics
• Welfare
• Urban policy is the exclusive province of the Left. The cities are increasingly killing fields for, in particular, young, black men.
• The destruction of the family; particularly the black family
• The destruction of the institution of marriage
• The normalization of Sexual Weirdism
• The normalization of Gender Weirdism
• The suppression of free speech everywhere
• Appeasement of terrorists around the world
• Appeasement of historical terrorists around the world: Stalin (and his successors), Hitler, Mao, Ho, the Kims, Castro, Chavez, Nasser, Gaddhafi, Assad, Hussein, and many more.
• Environmentalism
• Not to forget, of course: Socialism

To name just a few. All of the Left’s notions of how to address something fall into one or more of just three categories:

(1) ugly, bad old things with fancy new names
(2) new, but really bad, ideas
(3) warmed-over, once-rejected ideas that have fallen out of American historical memory: (the new Eugenics, for example)

The premise of this, to repeat (because it bears repeating) is that we Conservatives really need — crave — a legitimate opposition from the Left. We never, ever, not ever, not even once, try to pretend that we exclusively hold all wisdom. The Left tries to pretend that they do.

We never, ever, not ever, not even once, try to pretend that our ideas couldn’t use ever greater refinement, ever greater honing, ever more sharpening. The Left pretends that its ideas are perfect as soon as they’re born. That’s why they do their level best to shut down debate on such ideas immediately.

We need strong, principled, intelligent, rational alternatives to the policy proposals that we advance. However, that would mean that leftists would have to abandon their power-madness, and instead focus on actually resolving problems. Can they do that? As a whole, with few exceptions, they’ve not shown any tendency even to want to do it.

It’s important to repeat the question, because of the last phrase: at the level of national issues, when was the last time the Left came up with a solid policy prescription that was coherent, made sense, worked, or, most importantly, survived serious, honest scrutiny?

Survived honest, serious scrutiny…” That would mean that today’s thoroughly corrupt, dishonest media would have to be… honest. That’s the major stumbling block right there. The Left will present real, substantive ideas, proposals and counter-proposals only when the media demand it of them.

— xPraetorius

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