Bullet Points

  • Biden is toast. As we said a long time ago, but for a different reason. A long time ago (here) we predicted that Biden was toast because of the Joe/Hunter Biden corruption, to which Joe himself laughingly confessed in a now-famous video. We were wrong, because we vastly underestimated the corruption at the top levels of the Democrat Party. Yes, we did that!

  • Biden’s always been toast. I’m sorry, but the guy’s a doddering old fool, who once was a doddering young fool. Doddering fools don’t improve with age.

  • It’s looking like Bloomberg on the Dem side. Honestly, if things remain as they are now, he’s the only one who can beat Trump.

  • Sanders is leading now, by a lot. Forget Pete Alfred E. Neuman Buttigieg… he won’t win New Hampshire, Nevada or South Carolina.

Image result for alfred e neuman

  • Elizabeth Warren is the mediocrity she appears to be. A quick observation: Few things are as pathetic as an old person — Warren — trying to be cool.

  • Bernie Sanders is a doddering old leftist fool, who has, like Biden, always been a doddering leftist fool. His admirers laud his “consistency.” Consistently half-witted, however, is no virtue.

  • Sanders’ problem is that everyone pulls their punches with him, because no one wants to be seen as picking on the crazy person. Hillary Clinton recently abandoned this irresponsible and, frankly, condescending behavior.

  • Because of Democrats’ forbearance toward Bernie Sanders, you have half-wits in Congress like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley and Rashida Tlaib. The confederacy of dunces known as “The Squad.” Squad of bubble-headed bimbos is more like it. Add up all their IQ’s and you don’t quite get to double digits. Add up all their IQ’s and you might have a fair fight with a tardigrade.
Image result for tardigrade
Winner of three out of four debates with “The Squad.”

  • Ah, the Iowa Caucuses! Brought to you by that party of technologically-savvy, forward-thinking, science-loving technocrats who are all smarter than you and I!

  • I have to admit: watching that Keystone Kops Kaotic Kerfuffle (Karma? Of kourse it was!) was rather delicious for someone (just like me, it turns out ) who’s been telling you these people are dunces for a very long time.

  • As we said recently in these pages: the idiot doesn’t know he’s an idiot… because he’s an idiot. The corollary to that pearl of wisdom is: And the idiot thinks he’s brilliant. This is a rather pithy summation of the leadership of the Democrat Party.

  • And… we’ve said it numerous times in these pages: Anyone — anyone, no exceptions — who calls him or herself a Socialist is one or more of three possible things: (1) an idiot, (2) an ignoramus, or (3) profoundly evil. Bernie Sanders is neither an idiot nor an ignoramus.

  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is an idiot… and an ignoramus. The quintessential Influential Democrat. She joins many, many other members of the leadership of the Democrat Party. Faux-sophisticates who think they’re ever so edgy, ever so advanced, ever so avant-garde, ever so progressive, as they advance their Stone Age ideology, rooting for their Stone Age power hierarchy, their Stone Age economic theory, their Stone Age social theories.

  • Here’s an important note: Just because one might be an idiot, and an ignoramus, does not eliminate the possibility that he or she might be profoundly evil. In fact, if the ignorant idiot thinks quite a lot of himself, then he’ll nearly inevitably become profoundly evil. He’ll certainly become a leftist.

— xPraetorius

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