Was Romney Actually Working for Trump?

Romney’s Guilty Vote Provided Cover for Wavering Democrats To Vote Guilty

Mitt Romney voted guilty on the “Abuse of Power” count of the impeachment silliness. People on the Right got mad at that. However, consider this: Before Mitt’s announcement that he was going to vote guilty, there were three Democrats  — Manchin (WV), Sinema (AZ), Jones (AL), and possibly even Feinstein (CA) — who were thinking seriously about voting not guilty. In the end, they all came around to the party line and voted guilty.

The reason they were considering (or sham considering) voting to acquit was their worry (except for Feinstein) that a guilty vote would be deleterious to their political future. Jones especially. But Manchin is always worried about his political future. He’s a Democrat in a very Conservative state, and he spends 24/7/365 trying to convince West Virginia’s voters that he’s really a Conservative.


But, when Romney announced that he was going to vote guilty, he provided all the cover the wavering Dems needed in order to be, well… Dems. Now, they can pretend that the impeachment voting was “bipartisan.”

However, the once wavering Dems now have to face their voters. And there’s a very good possibility that Doug Jones of Alabama just signed his own political death warrant.

Sinema, Jones and Manchin are all in shaky seats, and if they all go down, then the Left’s chances of taking the U.S. Senate would be nearly zero.

California’s Feinstein isn’t in a shaky seat because California’s circling the drain. Furthermore, there’s some dirt that’s younger than Feinstein, so who knows what’s going on in that ancient, empty cranium?

Bottom line: it could be argued that the guilty votes by the three once wavering Democrats made it a good deal more likely that they’ll be defeated in their next elections.

Hmmm… was Mitt Romney really a mole for Trump?

— xPraetorius

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