Here’s Why Top Democrats Are Idiots…

“An idiot doesn’t know he’s an idiot. Because he’s an idiot. ” — xPraetorius

But idiocy can be voluntary. Many idiots don’t have to be idiots! People like Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Elizabeth Warren… these people are idiots. Idiots choosing to be idiots. Oh, they have high IQ’s (except for Biden), and all. They have (except for Biden)… intellectual capacity. They simply choose to fill that capacity with… idiocy.

Idiocy is the luxury of those with intellectual capacity; the prison of those without. This reality doesn’t make the ones with intellectual capacity any less idiots.

The question is: Why? Why on earth would people like Bernie, Hillary, Barack, Elizabeth, et al choose to be idiots? Easy: These people believe that you, the American people are, in the vast majority… complete idiots.

To obtain power you have to convince people of things. Bernie, Elizabeth, et al, want, crave, desire, yearn for… hunger for… power. So, they believe that in order to have the mass movement that they want to lead, they have to convince… a bunch of idiots to want them to have power. Further, they’ve concluded, they have to talk like, to think like, to act like, to communicate like… to be like… idiots. To be idiots.

You know the expression: In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. 

Nope. The correct expression is really: In the land of the blind, the really blind man — the blindest man — is king.

Likewise, in the land of idiots — which is what Bernie and Elizabeth, et al believe America is — the most idiotic idiot is king. And, yes, if they’re correct in their assumption, then this is consistent with the election of Trump, even though Trump’s plainly a lot more intelligent than any of the Democrat candidates. Remember, the American media have been pushing the “[fill in Republican here] as idiot” notion forever.

— xPraetorius


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