FCOL!* — For Hillary: Credit Where Credit’s Due!

Look: I’m second to absolutely no one in my disdain for Hillary Rodham Clinton. She’s thoroughly corrupt, an unrepentant leftist, a cringe-inducing, man-hating feminist(1), an inveterate liar, a completely bad person. (but I repeat myself)


She did a very good thing recently. She allowed into the media river current her honest assessment of one… Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders, she said, is disliked everywhere. “No one likes him,” she said. She claimed that he’s ineffective. “He never gets anything done,” she asserted.

Interestingly, the pathological liar, Hillary Clinton, finally said something that’s actually, certifiably, demonstrably… true! Holy mackerel!

How did that get out there?!? Why did Hillary do this? After all, she lost the election, and she’s spent a very therapeutic three plus years traveling around the globe, blaming everyone and everything in the world for her loss… except for me. (Spoiler: it was my fault, but Hillary doesn’t know it… yet.) She appears to have nothing to gain, and she’s used the entire planet — as kind of an honorary planetary empress emeritus — to balm (embalm?) her wounds. What more, really, does she want that she would lob a torpedo at the geriatric Communist Sanders?

The speculation as to why she finally said something true doesn’t really shine a kind light on Hillary. Let’s face it, Hillary doesn’t do anything that’s not meant to further some piece of her agenda. Remember “Pretty in pink?” The most charitable thing that can be said is that Hillary recognizes that Bernie is even too far left for her, and she doesn’t want the country to have this hyper-leftist, senile old commie at the top.

Ummmm… nope. Hillary’s a through and through leftist… a hyper-leftist. A Socialist. Hillary wants someone like Bernie to be the President. Just not Bernie. Here’s why she did her little bit to try to torpedo Sanders’ current effort: Hillary’s nothing if not petty and vindictive. And Bernie deeply wounded her campaign in 2016, when he revealed the corruption at the heart of the Democrat Party’s nominating process.

The Left eats its own, and it does so all the time; it even does so predictably. You can tell when a leftist is going to torpedo another leftist: it’s when the soon-to-be torpedo-ee is threatening the soon-to-be torpedo-er’s power base, or his campaign, or something else.

Here’s something else you should know about the Left: They tolerate only one person at the top. Read that well, and read it over and over again. They tolerate only one leftist at a time at the top.

Bernie has long wanted to be the top leftist, and as corrupt as he’s always been, he was always absolutely willing to stab his fellow leftist in the back in 2016. So he did. That’s what leftists do. Everyone knows, deep down, that the Democrat Party apparatus is completely corrupt. Bernie revealed it… and at the precise moment when the Democrat Party apparatus’s corruption was benefiting Hillary in her last opportunity to seize the greatest power that’s ever been held by any one person in the history of the world.

Hillary remains, and will always remain, royally ticked off at Bernie. So ticked off that she might do something that goes so utterly and completely against everything she is in the very fiber of her being: tell the truth.

However, fear not! Hillary, if she’s still around, will back to the hilt the next Socialist nominee from her party for the Presidency.

In the meantime, though, credit where credit’s due: Hillary, in no uncertain terms, and only accidentally, called Bernie what he actually is: a disgusting, horrible, vile… bad person.

It’s funny, people often say of both Hillary and her husband: they lie even when they don’t have to! Even when the truth would serve their purposes better. Why do they do that? 

We tried to answer that question (here)(2). To reiterate, it’s simple: they’ve lost the ability to tell the truth… because the lie has brought them so far. They’ve lost the ability, through disuse, to bring to bear things like conscience, empathy, wisdom, intelligence… all the things that support: telling the truth. The truth-telling muscles in their brains have atrophied, shriveled up, withered, wilted… dried up; the truth-telling mechanisms in their brains have all rusted and decayed into desuetude.

So, while Hillary accidentally told the truth, it’s still perfectly consistent with the knee-jerk liar and blackguard that she is. Stabbing a fellow leftist in the back is absolutely what another leftist — any other leftist — would do… in a heartbeat.

Don’t forget, Hillary still wants to be at the top of the heap on the Left. Like any top, or formerly top, leftist, she continues to crave power.

Have you ever noticed how leftists never just… go away? They lose, but they continue to scratch and claw and and scrabble for power. It’s who and how they are. It’s because power is the thing they crave above all else, and that’s what makes them leftists to the core.

Let’s face it, Hillary still wants to be the President. However, since she can’t be, she still wants to grab and wield as many levers of power as she can. And, howlingly obviously, she still wants her 2016 loss to be someone else’s fault.

— xPraetorius


  • FCOL: “For Crying Out Loud.” It’s our substitute for the vulgar FFS.

(1) To a certain extent, it’s hard to blame Hillary for being a man-hating feminist. First, the reigning zeitgeist is: “Man-hating Feminism.” And Hillary is nothing if not an ovine follower of all things socially and politically fashionable. Second of all, Hillary’s married too Bill, an amoral, skirt-chasing, really bad man, whose every act served to confirm all that Hillary believed as a man-hating feminist!

This is not a defense of Hillary! She rode Bill Clinton’s amoral train to unimagined, undeserved, power, and nearly to the pinnacle of power in the world. She could have chosen not to hitch her wagon to that amoral train, but there is no indication whatsoever that Hillary had any hesitation at all in remaining with Bill.

(2) Here’s the quote: “They’ve [the Democrats] lost the ability to tell the truth because they haven’t had the inclination in decades. Due to lack of practice, they probably no longer even know how to tell the truth.

One thought on “FCOL!* — For Hillary: Credit Where Credit’s Due!

  1. As Nicaraguan tyrant Daniel Ortega said when his Sandinistas lost power after a rare election in early 90’s
    “We will rule from below”.
    So, yes, they ARE like the devil in that respect.

    They are like the flaming Balrog from LoTR falling into the abyss but still thrashing.

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