In Iran Right Now…

  • Right now, the Iranian régime is particularly shaky and could be taken down with the correct support to the correct people and places. But…
  • Understand that the régime has powerful friends throughout the world — Russia (Putin) and China (Xi), for example — but they wouldn’t be overly saddened by the demise of a régime that everyone recognizes is peopled by unstable psychotics who are perfectly unreliable as allies.
  • All these other bad actors in the Middle East pine for a stable, dictatorial, anti-American, Saddam Hussein-like figure in Iran without the massive territorial and expansionist ambition that Hussein had. They have the dictatorial and anti-American parts, but the unstable, psychotic, Iranian régime has the very same megalomaniacal ambitions as Saddam had. That’s some risky brew there!
  • The ideal scenario for both Russia and China at this point would be for the Iranian baboons to establish a budding super-power status in the Middle East, at which point the outside big powers would help to overthrow the Islamist whack-jobs atop the Iranian state in favor of a more pliant, secular leadership. Again, like Saddam Hussein or Bashir Assad.
  • The Iranian leadership is, of course, aware of all this. They also want to establish themselves as the Middle East’s sole super-power, but they realize that as soon as they do that, they will be seen as potential international rivals for both Russia and China. And they know that they will be targets.
  • The Iranian régime wants international-scope super-power status, and is willing to take the risk that they’d become targets of all three of the other super-powers as a result. It’s a dangerous game, needless to say.
  • Also, the United States remains too timid to take overt action against the psychotics in Iran. This is the poisonous remnant from toxic leftist Presidents like Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and of course, the execrable Barack Obama, all of whom were more than willing to make a ludicrous moral equivalence between the tyrannical, bloodthirsty ba*tards around the world and the United States.
  • Literally hundreds of thousands of lives around the world — perhaps millions — could have been saved by a few wall-planned and -placed acts by Seal Team Six, or other Special Forces operatives. But, pretending to take the moral high ground, we continue to allow bloodthirsty ba*tards to murder their peoples wholesale throughout the world.
  • Remember: Iran’s leadership wants to establish Iran as the Middle East super-power. They want to be more powerful than Iraq as well as Pakistan and India… and it’s important to remember that these last two have nuclear weapons.
  • Based on this last understanding, it’s indisputable that, in the context of the Iran nuclear “deal,” the Iranian régime played the Obama administration for a bunch of fools. It wasn’t difficult; the Obama administration was peopled mainly by idiots, led by its egomaniacal idiot-in-chief.
  • The Iranian régime never for a moment had any intention whatsoever of being balked in its pursuit of a nuclear weapon. Anyone not completely asleep — or completely corrupted by left-wing ideology — saw that.
  • We saw it, and we shouted it out to a world that largely ignored us. Because the world is largely run by half-wits corrupted by left-wing ideology.
  • As a result, the Iran nuclear “deal” was cobbled together by corrupt, left-wing idiots on the American side and, on the Iranian side, by amoral baboons who realized full well that they were negotiating with idiots. What chance, really, did the “deal” have of being something good or positive? More to the point, what chance did the deal  actually have of curbing Iran’s nuclear power ambitions? No chance of either.
  • Iran, under the current régime, will continue to do all in its power to become the Middle-east super-power. All further interactions with the régime should take place in the context of that basic understanding, or else all such interactions will result in further lop-sided victories — like the Iran nuclear “deal”(1) — for the amoral baboons currently leading Iran.
  • It would be easy right now to topple the régime in Iran. Unfortunately, because of idiots like Barack Obama, we haven’t prepared and supported a suitable cadre of replacement leaders. Thanks a lot you Democrat President ba*tards!(2)
  • Believe me, neither Russia nor China has neglected to scout out and train such people! Therefore, any toppling of the régime at this very moment could result in a replacement leadership friendly to Russia or China or both. At the very best, it would be a crapshoot for us.
  • It’s therefore entirely possible that our best scenario, for the near future at least, has the current Iranian régime still in power in Iran! Again, thanks a whole lot, you Democrat President ba*tards!
  • This is one of the reasons that a withdrawal from the Middle East would be a catastrophe. We need to continue to try to influence events there in ways that favor American interests for the foreseeable future. And that’s the reason that it’s vital to elect good Presidents, not Democrat ones.
  • An American structural problem is that we have this bad habit of electing Democrats to the Presidency. These Democrats then do their level best to sabotage American interests in the rest of the world, and to make life ever more miserable for more than seven billion people worldwide.
  • The above-mentioned structural problem can be describe in two simple words: The media. If the American media were to become merely honest — not unbiased (that’s impossible) — just honest, the Democrat Party would lose its electoral viability overnight.

— xPraetorius


(1) Why the scare quotes around “deal?” Because a real deal entails two or more parties coming to an agreement that each party respects and lives up to. Since the Iranians never had any intention of adhering to any agreement that would bring about the stated intent of the negotiations — the balking of their nuclear weapons program — the whole thing was not a deal, but a show. A kabuki dance meant to fool the American and Iranian peoples. And it did, because of the assistance of the American media who were (and remain) either too stupid or too corrupt, or both, to see it and to report on it.

Understand the American media are mostly controlled by the Democrat Party, just as the Iranian media are controlled by the Iranian régime.

We do not have a free press in the United States, by any stretch of the imagination. The First Amendment to the Constitution guarantees freedom from government meddling in the press, but contains no such protection against interference by private interests… in this case by a criminal organization masquerading as a political party.

(2) Remember: Jimmy Carter has long had a soft spot for the Iranian Ayatollahs, even though they contributed heavily to his drubbing at the hands of Ronald Reagan in 1980. Carter it was who allowed the Ayatollah Khomeini — that toxic, psychotic, islamist baboon — to return from well-deserved exile in Paris to overthrow the Shah of Iran. Why did Carter do that? Simple: because his idiot of a Secretary of State — Cyrus Vance — met with Khomeini in Paris, and came back to tell Carter that Khomeini was “a saint.” You can lay a whole lot of the wars, the unrest, the oppression, the terrorism, and millions of violent deaths, at the feet of… Jimmy Carter.

In a (small but important) side note: the American Left still has not come to grips with the fact that their guy is the one who is at least indirectly responsible for all this Mideast mess. This is why they’re constantly scrabbling to deflect the blame to right-wing scapegoats. Hence, the Left is falling all over itself to blame President Trump for the murder of more than 170 Ukrainian citizens in the recent shooting down of the airliner by the Iranian régime. Well, let’s face it: the responsibility for that atrocity rests on the Iranian régime. However, if there is an American hand in the lead-up to that evil act, it is the hand of… Jimmy Carter. It’s the very same Carter hand in the lead-up to all the acts of Middle-eastern violence since 1979, when Carter allowed the overthrow of the Shah of Iran.

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