Someone Needs to Do a Commercial…

Headline: Iranians Shoot Down Ukrainian Civilian Airliner Killing All On Board.”

Remember the old commercial: “This is your brain on drugs,” and the screen showed an egg frying in a pan?

Someone needs to do a commercial: “This is your brain on Islam,” and show the crazed, vacant stare of any random jihadi.

At one point in each of their lives, the leadership of Iran were all cute, adorable innocent little moppets. Then someone started stuffing them full of Islam, or drugs — same thing, basically — and they became baboons.

Look at them. When you look at them, imagine yourself “negotiating” with them! Doesn’t it seem like the same thing as dealing with meth-heads? Serious question! What real agreement do you think you could cobble together with these drooling primitives that would be worth a tinker’s damn?

The sooner the world rids itself of the toxic régime in Tehran the better.

— xPraetorius

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