Blog Endorsement

In these pages, we enjoy pointing out other blogs where we find fresh, intelligent, funny, unusual, or otherwise enriching material. Here’s one such blog. Link.

Daniel Mitchell calls his blog “International Liberty,” a grand name for a blog that lives up to it. And here’s the “About” page (link), which explains a bit about Mitchell’s (pretty impressive) background.

I heartily recommend this essay (link) which, I think, has exactly the right introduction. Yes, it’s a piece about Communism humor. The author immediately poses the rhetorical question: How does one make jokes about an ideology whose adherents murdered more than 100 million people in the last century alone, and which continues to cause suffering, poverty, violence and death around the world?

He then answers the question, I think, perfectly logically: Scathing humor about such a nightmare is absolutely obligatory.

Read. Enjoy. Think. Think some more. Heck, if you even do just the first thinking part, you’ve already differentiated yourself from the average leftist!

The Communist bastards are here, and they want to do to you what this humor is mocking.  They call themselves Senator Sanders, and Congressdoofus (okay, maybe not exactly like that…) Ocasio-Cortez, and Congresshalfwit Tlaib, and Congresscum Omar.

And there are even more of these addled, IQ-deprived, knuckle-dragging, reactionary slopeheads rampaging across the countryside, mucking things up for everybody, while pretending they’re not the ignorant, uneducated, half-wits they really are.

Here’s that link again.

— xPraetorius


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