Pointing Out Some Stunning Pictures

I’d like to point you to this blog here. It contains some stunning pictures from around the world.

[A brief language digression: I’m a linguist by education, and things like the following just kind of jump out at me. I’m not sure whether the owner of the blog intentionally misspells the word “scenery,” but his word “scenary” — which he uses quite a bit — made me wonder. I could see his pictures representing kind of a cross between “scenery” and “scenario,” as if the pictures are also depictions of “things having to do with scenes,” maybe to encourage us to consider the larger context in which the photos reside… which if the blogger is trying to coin a new word, just might be written “scenary.” And… if he’s not trying to coin a new word, then maybe he should! That one. 🙂 ]

Either way, the images collected by this fellow are just beautiful, and merit a look see.

I’ve never seen any of the photos on this blog, and I wonder whether the blogger himself took them. If so, he’s a tip-top-flight photog!

Regardless of the provenance of the images, the blogger surely has a fine eye for beauty.

— xPraetorius