Another Observation…

••• (sort of… I mean we already said it, and stuff) •••

A friend of this blog contributed to this post here, and demanded — demanded, I say! — that we post the last paragraph as its own post, here. You see, she’s convinced that we’ll be the first ones to make this point, and that since powerful, influential people read this blog, others will soon be making it too. So, here is is:

    • Let’s face it: the so-called “impeachment(1) has at least the following component: the desire to be able to refer to Trump as “disgraced President Trump,” and “the disgraced President.” You’ll see that, from now on, this word will make its way frequently into Democrat/Socialist campaign speeches. This is further proof that the Left has long been reduced to silly word games to try to bamboozle the American people.

We’re figuring that soon enough that’ll be the only way they refer to President Trump.


We said it.

First. (Apparently. At least we haven’t seen it anywhere else.)

A quick side note: You know what’d be fun? If Trump himself were to make the same prediction at one of his rallies. It’d go something like this:

“You know why they wanted to do this impeachment scam, don’t you? (pause for various crowd reactions). Because they wanted to refer to Trump as (slowly, scornfully) “Disgraced President Trump,” and “the (pause) disgraced (pause) President.” Soon enough that’s the only way they’ll refer to me. (pause for applause, laughter) And you and I both know the media will pick it up and run with it like crazy. ‘Cause that’s what they do. That’s it. You and I both know that’s going to be the only way they refer to me in their campaign. (pause for laughter and applause) It’s just more proof that the Democrats have nothing real to offer the American people, and that they’re just reduced to silly word games to try to fool you.”

If I were to see that happen, I’d LOL for sure!

‘Course, we said it here first!

— xPraetorius


(1) “So-called,” because apparently there is some debate as to whether impeachment has actually happened, since the House, on Nancy Pelosi’s orders, has not yet delivered the articles of impeachment to the Senate. At least one of the “Constitutional scholars” that the Democrats called during the hearings (that Noah guy) says that impeachment has not yet actually happened.

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