The Impeachment Articles…

The articles of impeachment are… fatuous nonsense. Here are some thoughts about those same “Articles of Impeachment,” if such they can be called…

Article #1:  Abuse of power? Sorry: it’s a matter of opinion.  Nothing more. You can say he did, or you can say he didn’t. There’s a persuasive case either way. There’s a persuasive case to be made that every President abused his power at some point in his presidency.

There’s a much more persuasive case to be made — that has been made, by the way — that President Obama horrifically abused his power by siccing the IRS on millions and millions of Conservative Americans. In these pages, we called it the worst abuse of civil rights in this country’s history. And we considered slavery, segregation, Jim Crow and disco in that mix.(1)

Article #2: Obstruction of Congress? Some 63 million voters think that obstruction of Congress is precisely what Trump is supposed to be doing! A high crime or misdemeanor? Hardly! And, goodness me! Congress would never, ever, not ever, not even once think of… obstructing the President, would they? Why, never! Obstruction of Congress…Pffffftt!

Serious question: Remember when Obama said he had a pen and a phone? What on earth was that if not… “Obstruction of Congress?

Obstruction of Congress” — as an “article of impeachment,” it’s a nonsense term. Obstruct Congress? It’s what every President spends a portion of every day of every week doing. It’s what he’s supposed to do. It’s why it’s called a “balance of power,” not “Congress is Supreme.

The Democrats propose to impeach President Trump on the basis of a poorly-formed, amorphous opinion and a nonsense term that contains a left-handed acknowledgement that he was doing his job.

This weak tea, this thin gruel, this pabulum is all they came up with… to freakin’ impeach a President of the United States?!? 

What a bunch of pathetic, self-obsessed, vacuous, self-important losers! Power-drunk, weak-minded jackasseses who’ve taken themselves far too seriously for far too long.

I guess I’m kind of glad they did it. The lemur-like Democrats, that is. This whole impeachment sham ostentatiously, flamboyantly, loudly reveals the Democrats for what they are; what we here, at our small but increasingly influential think tank, have always known they are: fatuous, corrupt, power-mad poltroons. And we’ve said it in these pages… a lot! I guess they just decided to confirm it themselves, a bit louder than usual.

The impeachment fraud exposed another thing too: This is the “Kitchen Sink Democrat Party.” They’ll throw everything, including the kitchen sink, at the goal of stopping Trump. Stopping his agenda; stopping judicial nominees (they showed that with Kavanaugh), stopping “the wall;” stopping even things they agree with if it might get Trump’s name attached to it… and finally, stopping his re-election.


Easy: If Trump’s re-elected, the Democrats don’t care about his erratic behavior, his bluntness, obstreperousness, rudeness, his lack of polish. None of any of that bothers them in the slightest. Heck. they’re exactly the same way; they just know how to compose their faces, how to say nothing of any substance, depth or meaning, and thereby conceal their corrosive nature in front of a friendly camera. Plus the dominant American media have their backs. Always.

Nor do the Dems worry about Trump’s policies; policies can be reversed. So, why are they so all-fired in a lather about Trump? Why not just let the media, Hollywood, Academia and all of pop culture scratch, and claw, and nip at Trump’s  heels, until they’ve ground him into the mud in the eyes of the average American?

Because they can’t. The Left, and their political wing, the Democrat Party, can’t leave anything to chance… and they’re absolutely blissfully unaware that they’re idiots. No idiot is ever aware that he’s an idiot. Because he’s an idiot.

And the American people certainly can’t be allowed to think for themselves. They must be led to the Democrats’ truth! The Democrats truly believe they’re the geniuses they’re always saying they are. And the Democrats are certain that they can lead Americans to their “truth,” except for one thing.  It’s the one thing that could possibly stand in the way of the Democrats’ grand plan to seize power… and to keep it. So they believe they have to stop Trump, in 2020, because of…

The Supreme Court.

If Trump is re-elected, the Left faces the loss of the long senile Ruth Bader Ginsburg, as well as that doddering, reliably left-wing, élitist, old half-wit, Stephen Breyer. That would leave a dependably left-wing core of only two: the loon-brained Elena Kagan and the race-addled Sonia Sotomayor. The Democrats face the very bleak possibility of a series of sensible, intelligent Supreme Court decisions for as far a their dim eyes can see.

— xPraetorius


(1) So, why is the IRS abuse of millions of Americans worse than slavery? Again, a matter of opinion, but #1: the IRS abused many millions more people than did slavery, and #2: finally, slavery got its just deserts: abolition, and decades and decades and (we hope) more decades of opprobrium and scorn.

There appears to be no hope that Obama will pay for his crime either in real life or in the court of public opinion. If I’m wrong, though, as I hope I am, then the IRS abuse will sink below slavery as the worst abuse of civil rights in American history.

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