Ummmm… Wow! (Warning: VERY Rugged Language!)


Also: a very strange, and anti-semitic, analysis of Popeye



But, these’re some extremely interesting, thought-provoking sentiments from a black man in the streets of (I believe) New York City.

The guy’s language is highly, ummm… colorful, but his brain is plainly very much alive, and working very dynamically.

It all goes off the rails from time to time, and one of the black guys in the video is very anti-semitic. Except for the anti-semitism, and the crude presentation, this is some very interesting street debating.

This guy calls himself Kingface a “Conservative T.H.U.G.” Not sure what the “T.H.U.G” means, but still all very thought-provoking.

— xPraetorius

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