One Really Great Thing Trump Has Done

He’s Clearly Shown What Buffoons Comprise the American Left 

Now, it remains for the Right to continue to make the point — forcefully, calmly, clearly, constantly

Trump is kind of a buffoon himself… not a real, total buffoon, burdened by all-encompassing buffoonery, but the kind of buffoon who’s a guy not really in his element, but who has so much ego that he wishes to pretend that he’s completely at ease in the foreign surroundings. That kind of buffoon. The kind of buffoon that I’d be if I were placed on a panel of experts on, say, agricultural policy in Uzbekistan, and told to be self-assured, forceful and authoritative.

The leadership of the Democrat Party is entirely comprised of buffoons. Not buffoons with disclaimers, as with Trump, or with me and Uzbek agri-policy, but real, actual, genuine, authentic, no-foolin’, 5-star, Grade-A, USDA-approved buffoons. Complete and total idiots… and Trump has done what I’ve suggested for a very long time that Republicans do. He’s clearly shown what buffoons they are.

It’s hilarious too. Trump isn’t the emperor with no clothes, Trump’s actually the little boy pointing out the fact that the emperor — the Left, as represented by the Democrat Party leadership, and the media, and academia, and pop culture — has no clothes!

Which is kind of funny. Because Trump, with the over-weening ego, appears the bigger buffoon. But, Trump’s buffoonery is harmless buffoonery. He tosses out a bunch of cr*p about things like crowd sizes and the like. Things that don’t hurt anyone. The Left comes up with a bunch of the most idiotic, moronic, half-witted codswallop, calls it a Serious Policy Prescription, and everyone treats it perfectly seriously. When it’s nothing more than half-baked jackassery. And Trump says so. Just like that; right out in the open. No “Just kiddin'” afterward or anything!

The Democrats or the Left (same thing) say something stupid, and Trump calls it stupid. The “News” organizations do a bunch of the usual flapdoodle they called “news,” and Trump calls it “fake news.” And why? Because what the Left says is stupid, and what they call “news” is fake news.


Now, what the Left has been saying has been stupid for… decades. What the “news” organizations have been calling news has been fake for… decades. And we’ve been begging the Right to call it all what it is for… decades.

It seems as though Trump has shamed the rest of the Right into calling the Left what they really are — stupid and fake — also. That might be the most positive development of all to come out of the Trump presidency.

Frankly, the most important conflict of todayin the world — is that between the American Right and the American Left — and if the Left wins, then the world is doomed to some period of Dark Ages. Finally stating out loud that the Left’s ideas and philosophies are intellectually bankrupt half-wittery is the most important first step to defeating the Left in the only place where they must be crushed: the realm of ideas. Push back at the Left’s moronic thinking, and it will — as Trump has shown — fall apart like the soggy house of cards it all is.

Thank you, President Trump. for showing that what we’ve been saying here forever, is absolutely true.

— xPraetorius


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