Only One Possible Conclusion: Feminism is a Fraud

No other conclusion possible. What else, after all, to think when all the following is true:

  1. Feminists insist that women are every bit as strong, as intelligent, as hard-working, as anything … as men. They work — hard — at making us all believe that.
  2. Feminists insist even that women are more … more decent, more noble, more courageous, nicer, kinder, gentler, more empathetic… just better than men.
  3. Feminists insist that if only the world were ruled by women, then the world would be ever so much… better than it is today.
  4. Here’s another one: we’re all familiar with how feminists insist that women are so goshdarned… fierce. We all know of  the action movies showing the lithe, really cute, ninja-style woman, face striped with camouflage paint, weighing in at about 65 pounds and… kicking the stuffing out of, like, thirty massively-muscled, macho men. At the end of which she does a little shoulder shrug, exhales a quick phew, dusts herself off, and re-joins her comrades. It’s funny… we all know it couldn’t possibly happen, but we see movie scene after movie scene after movie scene after movie scene, all showing the same laughable 65-pound, cute, little, macho man-handling ninja thing.

And… these things are also true:

  1. When islamic “immigrants” flooded into Europe and immediately started in raping and assaulting European women, the very first thing that feminist women did — including feminist leaders — was to abandon European women. Completely. They said to European women: “Well, just don’t go out at night. The streets aren’t safe at night. You see, there’re all these muslims out and about at night. We have to ‘get used to it.’ It’s how things are now.”
  2. Don’t get me wrong: Leftist men said the same things. Feminism is, after all, composed mainly of spoiled, prosperous western women and brainless leftist men. But the near total abandonment of women by other women at the very first sign of danger was… appalling. Revolting. Disturbing.
  3. In Rotherham, England, over the space of more than a decade, islamic goons raped more than 1,400 young girls. You see, there’s just something in Islam that makes it okay — just fine, no problems at all — to have sex with a young girl. Everyone knew it was happening. Did European feminist women say anything? Nope.  How about leftist men in Europe? Not a peep. The #MeToo “movement”  was in full swing in America and Europe. But, apparently, not #ThemToo. Not the young girls too.
  4. Rotherham is just one nondescript town in the U.K. There are numerous “No go” zones — a whole crapload of other Rotherhams — ringing European cities and inhabited entirely by muslim immigrants… where young girls are being raped by the thousands every day. What are western feminists — men and women — saying and doing about it? Nothing. Not #ThemToo either.

If I were a European woman, and I were to hear all that, I’d say to feminism something on the order of: “F*ck that!

Then, to feminists, if I were that same European woman, I’d say something like: “F*ck you!” Then I’d say something like, “Where are the real men, now that we really need them?!?”

Built into the fraud of feminism is the fact that the top four points are all… sad myths. Women aren’t more noble, stronger, more decent, nicer, kinder, gentler… any good thing… than men. To the contrary, all while pretending that women are titans of greatness and strength, feminism has made them less of all those wonderful things. Feminism has deeply diminished women, turning them into pathetic, simpering cowards, willing to abandon other women to a bunch of sex-addled, inarticulate, gibbering, muslim baboons the very first chance they had to prove themselves.

Feminism… Pah! A complete and utter fraud perpetrated by a bunch of coddled, pampered, indolent, luxury-addled, left-wing, western half-wits, desperate for some way to feel relevant and important. A laughable fraud perpetuated by pathetic leftist politicians, the brainless Hollywood useful idiots, and their corrupt enablers in the propaganda arm of the American Left: the media.

Can you tell I’m a little ticked off? Good. Check out “Rotherham” on YouTube, and you tell me whether you think I should be ticked off or not.

I’m a woman, and I say to feminism, Fck that!” And I say to the the feminists who abandoned European women to their rapists, to the feminists who have done their level best to turn all women into sniveling snowflakes; snowflakes who’ve bought into the risible notion that they’re giants of strength and courage — to all feminists: “F*ck you!

Feminism is incompatible with basic human decency.

Want to become real people? Real men? Real women? Then slam feminism hard on the ash-heap of history, and bury it deep down under the surface, to a place where it can never raise its ugly head again.

Free Thinker

2 thoughts on “Only One Possible Conclusion: Feminism is a Fraud

  1. I remember reading about the Rotherham scandal a few years ago and being sick my stomach over it. Of course the only extensive reporting I saw was from the National Review. Never heard a peep about it from the so called female friendly networks and papers. Gee, I wonder why….?

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