Who’ll Win?

It’s entirely possible that it’ll all work out this way:

  • The Left “wins” because they’ll do anything at all to obtain and retain power. No matter who gets harmed. No matter what lies they have to tell. And the media are deeply in bed with the Left, so even transparent lies will come to us as serious truths. (If you like your doctor…)
  • So the  Left obtains power, and in such a way that they can continue to hold “elections,” but in the same way that they hold “elections” in California or Connecticut. They’re elections in which the Democrat Party always wins.
  • This sends the country on a steadily deteriorating downhill trajectory. The Left is economically illiterate, because their aim is to obtain power, not to solve problems, so they don’t bother, well, learning anything… except how to obtain and retain power.
  • As the country heads downhill, the Left begins to eat its own. After all, at some point, as the poor get even poorer, and the rich realize that they’re going to get only poorer, and the middle class disappears, the people will start to become restless. The Letist power structure will realize that it needs to do something.
  • The Left’s leadership, now in total and irrevocable power, will realize — too late — that they now preside over a bunch of people just like themselves: power-mad goons and psychos whose only goal is to obtain power… their power.
  • Scapegoats will be needed, scapegoats will be found. Leftist opportunists — remember: all they want is power — will gun for the top dogs. Top dogs will fall, and either slink off into ignominious exile, or… die. Public, splashy deaths. The Left is, after all, the political tendency for whom death is a tool of public policy (cf. eg: Obamacare, British National Health System, The Liverpool Pathway, Euthanasia, Death with Dignity, Abortion, Socialism, Ukraine, Soviet Union, Red China, Cambodia, etc.)
  • This purging — either violent or non-violent — will continue apace, as the country continues to spiral downward into poverty, famine, decay, despair, death. The problem: Easy — the country will be run by leftists, while only right-wing ideas lead to prosperity. The thing about right-wing ideas is that included in them is a healthy exchange of ideas, thoughts, criticisms, re-thinking, re-hashing, ferment and intellectual competition. Remember: Leftists don’t actually learn anything, except about how to obtain and retain power. The catalogue of ideas of the Left is nothing but a rancid stew of long-discredited, leftover policy pronouncements; sappy-sounding, substanceless nostrums; ill-considerd notions that have been tried and that failed; shallow nothings that wouldn’t pass scrutiny in the third grade; transparent euphemisms for already-failed Socialist thinking; and outright re-statements of fatuous propaganda cadged from long-dead tyrants and thugs. And why? Well, they have to say that they stand for something. And the troubadours and warblers of pop culture, in general a superficial, witless herd, have always been mostly leftists. Rightists actually try to solve problems. Rightists relish the challenge, and long for the satisfaction of, solving problems; of knowing things. Rightists actually require — they crave — a vigorous, intelligent, rational challenge to their thinking in order to strengthen it. Rightists understand full well that they have no monopoly on absolute truth. Or, perhaps more accurately stated: rightists understand that there is absolute truth, and they don’t presume to possess it. Rightists understand that the best and strongest ideas are those that have beaten back intelligent challenge after intelligent challenge after intelligent challenge after intelligent challenge after intelligent challenge after… The left understands how to obtain power and retain it. You can learn that from two slim volumes: Machiavelli’s the Prince, and Sun Tzu’s the Art of War. A weekend’s reading, if you so choose. The American Left has added another slim volume: Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. Throw that in, and you can still do it all in one weekend… and have time left over for a pick-up softball game. You don’t need more than the stuff contained in those volumes to obtain and retain power in America.
  • As a result of this fundamental difference between Right and Left, the Left will win. Short-term. Because they really want to win. The Right wants to know things… and to solve problems with that knowledge.
  • Before long, it’ll become obvious that leftist governance is a catastrophe, and that it’ll become only a worsening catastrophe. By the way, we do know this; we’ve seen it already. There are solid reasons why no one wants to visit Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago. There are solid reasons why tourism to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, Oregon and others is way, way, way down.  These reasons can be summed up in one overarching reason: The Left has controlled these cities — lock stock and barrel — for generations. People don’t like to visit San Francisco, for example, because they find stepping around hypodermic needles disconcerting. The Left wants to bring this horror to all of America. And they will.
  • At some point, the people will rebel. The Left will squash them. The people will rebel more.
  • This is a crossroads at which the only question is whether the country overthrows the Left and replaces it with… the Right. In other words: with a system that decentralizes power in the interest of returning local governance to regions, states, and cities. It’s also possible that the Left will simply continue to feed their addiction to power by crushing the people. Or will they realize that their entire ideology is a corrupt, bankrupt, stinkhole and just slink away? What do you think? Would corrupt, power-mad people just give up power? Or would they… crush the people? (Whispered aside: Tienanmen Square.)
  • Remember: by this time:
    • The people will have been disarmed. (In the infamous, but candid, words of Joe Stalin, history’s most prolific mass murderer [per capita]: “We don’t let them [the people] have ideas, why would we let them have guns?”)
    • There will be no free speech.
    • There will be no freedom of assembly.
    • There will be no freedom of religion. (Muslims: this means you too. Islam will be gone. The American Left is not your friend, despite your current alliance.)
    • There will be no free press. (That’s gone today anyway, when you realize the extent to which today’s corrupt media self-censor and crush opposing or non-left-wing viewpoints.)
    • The only way to communicate anything resembling dissenting viewpoints will be through a samizdat-style underground press. This will be accomplished only with actual pens and pencils on actual paper, as technology will allow the central government to monitor anything produced on a computer of any kind.
    • At least outside your home, you’ll be monitored by increasingly sophisticated surveillance devices 24/7/365.
    • Inside your home, you’ll be monitored by increasingly sophisticated surveillance devices as well, though this will lag the outdoors surveillance by some time period. Remember: Big Tech is already unanimously in an unholy alliance with the Left: Microsoft, Google (Alphabet), Facebook, Twitter, Apple all are run by hard leftists, and all are working diligently already to censor and squash speech they deem insufficiently leftist.
    • Watch out for the Left, black Americans: they are not your friends. If you get, well, uppity, the Left will turn on you so fast you won’t know what hit you. It’s not like they’ve done anything for you anyway. If you prove to be a problem, in whatever way the Left wants to view you as a problem, just watch how the death rates for black Americans in the cities rise! Just watch how many black boys and girls make their way into  hazmat disposal receptacles before being born. Why did I bring that up? Easy: it’s happening already. Black babies are far more frequently the victims of the abortion abbatoirs than any other ethnic group.
    • Watch out Hispanics, Mexicans, and any others… the Left is not your friends either. The Left is interested in keeping you in poverty, supporting government redistribution programs so that you continue to be a docile, tame support group for them. So that you continue to be the idiots mentioned below. But, what if you want your children to advance beyond the station you’ve achieved? Too bad. If your children don’t need the Left, they won’t support the Left. The Left is not interested in the prosperity of your children. To the contrary, the Left is interested in — actively interested in, and busily implementing policies that are aimed at — keeping  your children in poverty.
    • Watch out gays, transies, and other members of the Sexual Weirdism Industry: the Left is not your friends either. You’ll be tossed also, just as soon as you cease to be useful to them.
    • And so on…

Lest you doubt any of this apocalyptic-sounding prognosticating, remember that there are actual moves today! —  in the houses of the American Congress to confiscate guns and dismantle free speech. Furthermore, the institutions that produce all of America’s future leaders — colleges and universities — have already implemented many of these things. And, as mentioned above Big Tech already is enforcing many of these things in the arena of political discourse.

The Shutting Up of America is well underway, and has been underway since the 1960’s, when leftist radicals transformed all of American academia into into seedbeds of leftist radicalism.

These fundamental freedoms will have been stolen from you without a shot having been fired, as the Left simply uses the votes of the “elected representatives of the people” to do the “people’s bidding.” This is how they did it, and still do it, in China, how they did it in the Soviet Union, etc. They scrupulously held regular “elections.” Elections whose outcomes were known long before they were even held.

So, yes, the Left will win. But the people will lose. Of course the people will lose! When has the Left ever delivered on anything it has ever pledged to do?

Answer: never.

It’s because The Left has no intention whatsoever of ever delivering on what they promise to bring about. Because they’re lying. Because they’re not interested in delivering on what they promise to bring about. They are interested in obtaining power, and in persuading you that they’re interested in bringing about what they promise. But they’re fully convinced that you’re a sap, and that you’ll believe them, even though they’ve never, ever, ever, not ever, not even once delivered anything they promised to bring about. The Left is fully convinced that you’re an idiot, and that if you’re not an idiot, then people like you are far too few to represent a threat, and that the actual idiots will overwhelm such as you by their sheer numbers. Besides, when they’ve obtained power, you non-idiots will be silenced anyway. Remember: non-idiots are already silenced regularly in all American public schools today! In school, the Left is just softening us all up for what they plan to do to us in the future.

A political tendency like today’s American Left — faced with any other political tendency that treats them as if they’re a legitimate political movement, and not a power-mad bunch of goons — will win over time. Every time. And it has throughout history. It’s how the Left came to power in the Soviet Union, how they came to power in Red China, in SouthEast Asia, in Nazi Germany, in Cuba, in Venezuela, and anywhere else the Left has ever obtained power. And every single last time it’s been a catastrophe of unimaginable proportions.

And it’s coming here to America. And it’s winning. And unless you and I do something to prevent it, it will win. At least for our lifetimes, and those of our children and grandchildren.

— xPraetorius


2 thoughts on “Who’ll Win?

  1. (The troubadours and warblers of pop culture, in general a superficial, witless herd…)
    This brought a smile to my face in the midst of your Jeremiad.
    They do warble exceedingly well, those troubadours. They also dress strikingly and prance around onstage in a noteworthy manner.

    1. Thanks, Desdi, for your vey kind words!

      Your comments — about top-flight warbling, striking dress and noteworthy prancing, are — as usual, right on the nose.


      — x

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