Biden’s Cooked

The impeachment charade is just a charade. However, the first piece of collateral damage in the battle — a battle that will become far more brutal, far more vicious, far bloodier in the very near future — has become clear: Joe Biden.

Biden’s a corrupt, vicious, senile, none-too-bright, old coot. And he’s the best of the Democrats.

How sad that the departure of an IQ-deprived fumble-mouthed half-wit like Joe Biden actually lowered the average IQ in the ovine herd of Democrat Presidential candidates!

But depart he will, soon.

Biden’s cooked.

Of course, Biden was cooked as soon as he got into the race for the presidency. Not nearly leftish enough for the new stars of the new Democrat-Socialist Party, you see.

He’s gone. I’d say, “Good riddance!” but the departure of this disreputable clown of an old doofus has swung the average level of leftishness of the remaining pathetic nitwits… far to the left.

— xPraetorius

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