The Great Charade

It’s a lot below, and in bullet point format that can be difficult to read. So, I’ve highlighted the really important passages in red if you want to skim. You can read just the red, and it will give you the salient points.

The Democrats are launching an impeachment inquiry!

The Democrats are launching an impeachment inquiry! And the press are all breathlessly “reporting” it.  


Here’s what really happened. First of all let’s set some background down:

  • The call to the Ukrainian president, and the conversation as reported by the participants is a big nothing. The President did nothing wrong. At least that’s what it seems like in light of the simple fact that this is what Presidents do.
  • I’m no fan of Donald Trump. I held my nose and voted for him, but I was really voting against Hillary and her rampant corruption, along with the rampant corruption of the entire Democrat Party.

Now: here’s what happened. 

  • On the first Tuesday after the first Monday of November in the year of our Lord 2016, Donald Trump won the presidential election of 2016.
  • The very next day, the leadership of the Democrat Party decided the following:
    • We’re going to do everything possible to throw every possible monkey wrench into the gears of the incoming Trump Administration. That included:
      • the fake tears over the fabricated “muslim ban.”
      • the fake tears over the so-called immigrants, their kids, the cages and all that.
      • the fake outrage over the faked allegations against Brett Kavanaugh.
      • Oh, and… Russia collusion. Sorry: fake Russia collusion.
      • The very next day after the election, someone in the leadership of the Democrat Party said, “When do we do impeachment?” The response was simple: As soon as we have something we can use to convince the people that it’s okay to go ahead with it. That’s what Mueller was supposed to do. He didn’t do it, and now, after more than two years and tens of millions of dollars, it’s getting uncomfortably close to the 2020 presidential election. Therefore, they had to find something. This “whistleblower” silliness is it. Russia collusion failed, so they’ve fabricated this. They had to have something.
    • The Dems were, and are, going to try anything and everything, no exceptions. There was no there there in the whole Russia collusion thing, but it was nothing more than one of the monkey wrenches. And, it has to be admitted, it worked. It bottled things up, slowed things down, gummed up works, ground down gears, ejected Administration officials and absolutely succeeded in delaying Trump Administration efforts.
  • The Democrats are praying that the electorate stays fat, dumb and happy. Especially dumb.
  • The Democrats needed something really simple that fat, dumb, happy people would understand. “Russia collusion” was supposed to be that thing. It wasn’t. The Mueller Report, inconveniently for the Democrats, simply confirmed everything that Trump had been saying all along: There was no collusion; the Democrats, it turned out, had been engaged in nothing but a witch hunt all along.
  • Robert Mueller was supposed to come back with all the damning, horrible stuff that the Trump campaign had done during the election campaign, but he didn’t. He didn’t find any damning, horrible stuff that the Trump campaign had done. That was vexing for the Democrats because they already had the script written, the committee heads lined up, the timeline planned out to draw out impeachment long enough to wound Trump sufficiently so that he’d not win re-election. Or — best case for the Dems — they’d actually impeach him.
  • Mueller left the Dems high and dry when he reported back honestly what he had found, which is to say: nothing.
  • In hushed conversations, behind closed doors, Democrat Party leaders were frantic. “How do we do impeachment now?!?” It was all out panic.
  • They’ve been lining these things up the entire time. This so-called “whistleblower” had written up his complaint a long time ago, and stashed it somewhere in case something like a Mueller Report nothing-burger were to transpire. A Mueller Report nothing-burger transpired.
  • What is the reason for all this panic on the part of the Dems? Simple: RBG. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is old senile and ill. She won’t last a second Trump term. If Trump were to be able to appoint another justice, that would potentially delay, or halt, the leftward gallop this country has been taking for a generation. The Democrats and their leftist puppet-masters in the media, Hollywood and academia, view a second Trump term — and a more Conservative Supreme Court — as an absolutely existential threat. 
  • So… the Democrats have already lined up dozens of Christine Blasey Fords, as well  as probably hundreds of other people, who’ve long been paid off, to be prepared at a moment’s notice to lie convincingly in front of national media about anyone Trump might choose to replace RBG.
  • The Dems have already decided, for example, how they’re going to assassinate the character of Amy Coney Barrett, the woman viewed as a strong contender to replace RBG. They’ve already lined up and paid off the people who will lie about her in her confirmation hearings. 
  • That’s why they had to launch “impeachment hearings” on the basis of this really tiny non-offense offense — a thing that Obama and every President before him did hundreds of times — requesting that a foreign head of state look into a matter of corruption.
  • The Dems had nothing else. Worse for the Dems: the economy appears really strong, and more importantly, the underpinnings of the economy appear really strong.
  • Still worse for the Democrats: Trump has a massive “trump” card in his pocket: The economy has absorbed the “trade war” between the United States and China, with few ill effects. If Trump and China were to strike a deal, the stock market would rise 5,000 to 7,000 points nearly overnight, fattening the retirement and bank accounts of tens of millions of Americans. Trump II would be unstoppable, and the Dems know it. Read that last well. You can love, hate or be completely indifferent about Trump all you want, the dude knows his economics. And he knows what an end to the “trade war” would do for the stock market and the American economy. 
  • Remember: the Democrats did what they’re alleging that Trump did in his campaign, and in his phone call with the Ukrainian president. It’s documented that the Democrats did it, but the media won’t report on it because most Americans are fat, dumb and happy, and the Democrats are counting on that to beat Trump. The media keep Americans fat, dumb and happy.

— xPraetorius


5 thoughts on “The Great Charade

  1. Assuming for the moment the Dems have been organized this well (or not, depending on your viewpoint) to carry out all this… and will ultimately fail (per you)…. what exactly have the Republicans been doing when all this has been going on?

    1. The leadership of the Dems is that organized. Plainly. As are the very top echelons of their fellow traveler organizations: the media, academia, Hollywood, and pop culture.

      The Democrats, and the Left in general, have deeply damaged the nation. The Republicans have been a pathetically insufficient brake on the Dems’ corruption and depredations.

      So, in answer to your question: The Democrats have been an unambiguous, unalloyed disaster to this country, and the Republicans have tried feebly to prevent the disaster. As bad as the Dems have been, the Republicans have been marginally better.

      Here’s the sad reality: the Dems are completely corrupt, at the leadership level. Rank-and-file Democrats are, for the most part, ignorant, and ovine.

      The Republican Party leadership is only half-corrupt, the rank-and-file of the Republican Party are marginally less ignorant and ovine.

      I’ve spoken, argued, debated, discussed, interacted with hundreds of rank-and-file Democrat voters, in dozens of milieus, and never met one who was sufficiently well-informed to be qualified to cast a vote. I’ve done the same with just as many Republican voters, and 20-25 percent of them are qualified to cast a vote.

      The leadership of both parties realizes that it’s the ignorant, uninformed and ill-informed who compose the vast majority of the electorate.

      You know what “vast majority of the electorate” means in a democracy, don’t you? They’re the ones who decide the directions this country will take.

      The big question is whether the Republicans can summon enough integrity, wisdom, courage, eloquence… intelligence to convince the majority of a large bunch of generally apathetic people to do the right things.

      I do not think that the Dems will fail in their headlong pursuit of the conversion of America into a pinched, crabbed, nightmarish nanny state, overloaded with vast cadres of gray, dead-eyed, brainless bureaucrats overseeing everyone’s life in excruciating detail; a stupid, hellish, Socialist nightmare world that sucks the lifeblood out of human creativity, squashes initiative, innovation, social, financial and political mobility, and kills progress, art, music and freedom… and life. I believe they will succeed.

      They’ve done it in the past (The Soviet Union, Red China), they’re doing it in the present (Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, all over Africa), and they’ll do it in the future (America).

      Doesn’t mean we don’t have to fight it, and struggle against it.


      — x

    1. I apologize… I wrote the post in GREAT haste. I’ve since cleaned up some of the typos.

      And, I’m too verbose. There are two main reasons why the Democrats believe that Trump must be stopped at all cost:
      • The economy — it’s good, and has the potential to be wildly better.
      • RBG — she’s old, senile and ill. I wish no one ill, but it’s likely that RBG will not last through a second Trump Admin.

      There are some secondary reasons. Timing is everything. It’s getting close to the election, and the Dems have always wanted something to keep the media baying all the way through the election cycles and the Trump Admin; whether it lasts four years or eight.

      The Dems do view Trump, and the possibility of a second Trump Administration, as a existential menace to their dreams of permanent power in the United States, so they’ll have no qualms about doing the illegal, the immoral, the evil or the corrupt to stop Trump.

      Why do they crave permanent power in the United States? Easy — To run the most powerful country in the history of the world means to have the power to shape the future of the rest of the world.

      Now, here’s some speculation that makes sense based on the certain fact that the leadership of the Left is very well-organized, and very much interested in power.

      Don’t forget; the American Left was friendly with the bloodthirsty Soviet Union the entire time of its existence. Today’s Democrats are the direct descendants of those leftists. They believe they can work with the rest of the world, which has been leftish forever.

      Or, otherwise expressed: if you were obsessed with power, and you thought you had a recipe to obtain permanent power in the most powerful country that has ever existed in the history of the world, would you use that recipe?


      — x

  2. No need to apologize.
    I was just thanking you for taking a mass of unwieldy information and making it easier to get the main points about their (latest!) lame and treasonous attempt at impeachment. If you edited it and removed typos you just made a good thing better.

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