Wish I’D Said That

From the great Kevin Williamson in the also great National Review Online (here):

Factories don’t only produce pollution, and they don’t only produce tractors and life-saving medicines; they produce both, which makes real life more complicated than the cheap moralism that impresses intellectually stunted progressives. (emphasis in the original)

“Intellectually stunted progressives!” (Aside: Isn’t that redundant? Sorry… unnecessary snark.)

Wish I’d said that! I’ve certainly said the equivalent, but Williamson is, with Mark Steyn, Ann Coulter and Jonah Goldberg, one of the monarchs of the well-turned phrase, the mot juste!

In the same piece, Williamson also said:

Willi Schlamm observed that the problem with capitalism is capitalists, and, likewise, the problem with Christianity is and always has been Christians, from Saint Peter forward. Christians should of course be on the defensive about — among other more significant things — our relationship with Donald Trump and Trumpism, where applicable. But politics is about choices and tradeoffs. Buttigieg worries about factory pollution and feeding the poor, but he apparently is unable to do the elementary mental work of connecting the two: Rather than starving to death or dying of exposure, the poor in the developed world enjoy a relatively comfortable and secure standard of material life because of those factories and the pollution they produce. 

Yep. Democrats never were able to identify the multifarious contradictions in their “thinking,” so they simply gave up thinking about things.

Williamson continues:

We could all do with fewer lectures on “grace” from the people who would dispatch federal bayonets to force septuagenarian nuns to underwrite contraception coverage in order to press a petty political advantage for no purpose other than precedent and humiliation.

Well said indeed!

— xPraetorius

2 thoughts on “Wish I’D Said That

  1. I just read that article today and loved it, tWilliamson is brilliant! Too bad The Atlantic played such the wimp in hiring and then quickly firing him. Their audience desperately needs o read his pieces.

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