Evolution Moves Ever Rightward

Interestingly, all the political evolutions in the history of the world have moved right-ward.

  • The Soviet régime collapsed and was replaced by a more right-wing one. (though, unfortunately, that one is busily re-lefticizing the country)
  • Red China realized they couldn’t keep up their ham-handed, iron-fisted, bloody, extreme left-wing practices and survive, so they tacked rightward, liberalized their economy and their politics (though since they’ve retrenched their politics)
  • Extreme leftist Cuba has recognized that it must move rightward politically, and allow the people more liberties, or else collapse.
  • All leftist régimes eventually recognize that their leftist policies never achieve the goal their promulgators state upon promulgating them.
  • Worse, these policies, when taken to their logical conclusion, produce hellish deathscapes instead of countries.
  • Socialism is responsible for the murder of more than 120 million people in the last century. That’s more death than from any other single cause of death — except for time — in human history.

Today’s Left has had to re-create leftism constantly, to toss out all the old vocabulary that stood for such hellish things, in order to survive as the Left.


  • Abortion “Choice,” “Reproductive choice,” “Women’s health,” more
  • Eugenics “Death with Dignity,” and variations. Euthanasia movement
  • Jim CrowIRS squelching Conservative Free Speech, College shout-downs, Financial, media, entertainment and other institutions openly discriminating against Conservatives.
  • Enforced SegregationVoluntary Segregation on college campuses across the land in single-race housing and institutions
  • SlaveryWelfare-state dependence, and the demolition of the black family, Socialism, Democratic Socialism
  • Global WarmingClimate Change
  • KKK Antifa, Black Lives Matter, as well as college shout-downs and more
  • Race-based DiscriminationAffirmative Action

All the struck-through terms in blue pertain to things, institutions and organizations that were all products of the Left. Those terms have long fallen out of favor, while the shiny, new, updated terms to the right in red all name the very same things as the old terms did.

For the old terms, as a society, we evolved over time, and realized that these things — abortion, eugenics, Jim Crow, segregation, slavery, global warming, the KKK — were all wrong, very wrong. So, all the Left did was… change the name, while keeping the old, ugly, vile idea very much alive.

The intellectual history of the Left can be rightly seen as little more than constantly re-naming, re-packaging the same ugly, oppressive, violent, racist, disgusting old crap, to make it all palatable to those without the time or the inclination to analyze it more thoroughly.

In this way, “Serfdom” — rule over the little people by a tiny élite — became “Socialism.”

Oh, it worked in the other way too. The highly laudable goal of “Equality of Opportunity” — revered by all political tendencies — morphed into “Income Inequality,” and is something the Left now despises.

Finally: one of the best-known, central tenets of Evolution is “survival of the fittest.” Right-wing ideas have survived, unchanged, from its inception. We’ve never had to re-name, re-label, disguise, re-package, or dress up, dance around, or come up with a hundred different euphemisms for, for example, “limited government,” or “free speech,” or “low taxes,” or “pro-life,” or “freedom,” or “strong defense,” or “fewer regulations,” or… well, anything.

Why do all our right-wing ideas survive, intact, from inception onward? Easy: they’re the fittest.

I’ve already told everyone what the Left will be re-labeling

So, American leftists, when will you evolve?

— xPraetorius

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