Wake Up! The Left is to Blame for the Current Toxic Political Climate

I need offer only several pieces of pretty persuasive evidence:

Item #1:

Consider the following words: Nazi, fascist, racist, sexist, homophobe, climate denier, islamophobe, xenophobe, hater…

These are all, of course, names that left-wingers call right-wingers. All these words are meant to shut down discussion of a topic beyond the utterance of the insult. And all of these insults are hurled from the Left at the Right. There is no such list of insults that the Right hurls at the Left.

The name-calling — intended to stifle debate — originated with the radical Left in the 1060’s and remains the principal tool in their debating tool box… because they have no real arguments of substance.

Item #2:

All efforts to shut down political speech have come from the Left exclusively. There have been no such efforts, to quell anyone’s speech, anywhere in America, coming from the political Right, in the past more than sixty years. 

Item #3:

“But, but, but,” you’ll say, “this all got a lot worse under Trump!” Yep. Because Trump refused to take the abuse sitting down. I have no love for Donald Trump, but one thing he has done absolutely exactly right is to call the Left’s bluff. “If you insult me,” says Trump, “I’m going to insult you right back. Times ten.” It’s what the previously namby-pamby Republicans have needed to do for decades. Republicans and Conservatives have — for decades! — responded to grotesque abuse from the Left with little more than, “Well, they shouldn’t do or say that kind of thing!” That’s, of course, nothing more than a green light to the Left to continue to commit the same grotesque abuses over and over and over and over again.

Item #4:

If a Republican or Conservative says something critical about something that a leftist or Democrat has said of done, at least some of the response to that criticism is, automatically, “You’re a racist!!!

That pathetic abuse never happens, coming from the Right.

Item #5:

If a Democrat or other leftist disagrees with a policy position, he or she makes it plain that the policy position being criticized has an element of evil in it. The Republican or Conservative bringing out the policy position, they say, is doing so because he’s a hater, who wants little people to suffer, while he supports fat cats on Wall Street. It doesn’t matter what the policy position is, that’s at least a part, often a big part, of every leftist or Democrat reaction to every Republican or Conservative policy position. Republicans and Conservatives never react to a Democrat or leftist position by questioning the character or motives of the person holding the position.

Those five points are pretty much beyond dispute.

Mind you, in these pages, we’ve long suggested that the Right hit back — hard! — at the Left, with both rhetorical barrels.

She called you a racist? Ask her if she’s stopped molesting children yet. Then smile sweetly, and before she has a chance to pick up her jaw, say, “And I have just as much evidence that you molest children as you have that I’m a racist. Now, let’s talk about the issue… or are you so afraid that your ideas are wrong, that you feel you have to call me a racist without any evidence?

Hit’em back harder… hit ’em back better.

If they keep up the “Racist!” crap, then start saying things like, “Aren’t you ashamed to belong to the party of the KKK?” (Historically accurate, by the way — the Democrat Party founded the KKK. And segregation. And Jim Crow. And racial discrimination.)

Trump has at least the first part of that down. He hits em back. But he nearly always forgets to do the vital second part — hit ’em back better! That’s the part that will solve the problem of the Left’s Debate Fascism (our coinage).

In these pages, we’ve called it rhetorical jiu-jitsu, and we’ve used it, always with success… even online! Even when our interlocutor has had all the time in the world to think it over! Mind you, rhetorical jiu-jitsu will not work against a solid, well-thought out, well-formulated argument. That’s why to be a practitioner of rhetorical jiu-jitsu, you must come armed with only solid, well-thought out, well-formulated arguments. Period.

The Left is so thoroughly unaccustomed to having someone practice the Reverse Golden Rule on them (our coinage — do unto them as they have done unto you — but a lot harder!) that they have no idea how to react to it. They simply go into frenzy mode and do and say the same stupid things over and over and over again — only louder and more frenziedly. What was that famous pop-psychology definition of “crazy” again?

Anyway… I digress.

The current toxic political climate? It’s all the political Left’s fault. And the sooner we set about to loudly destroying their pathetic arguments, and their stupid ideas, as well as loudly exposing and shaming their goon squads in Hollywood, in the media and on college campuses across the nation… the better.

One more quick thing: Can we please, please, please get some Republicans in the House of Representatives to have enough cojones to respond to frickin’ morons like “The Squad” with the exact same kinds of tweets, and press conferences, and press releases, and media events? Please?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and Ayanna Pressley (“The Squad”) are blithering, air-headed, slack-jawed, Neanderthal, knuckle-dragging, drooling idiots! You could add up all their IQ’s collectively, and still not get into double figures! They’d lose two out of three in any intelligence contest to a grape, for crying out loud! Say so! You know it’s true… what’s stopping you from saying it!

These morons are Socialists for crying out loud! Talk about an easy target!!! Socialism is the single greatest cause of violent death in all of human history… and the clodpoles of “The Squad” is all in favor of it! Mock these idiots! Jeer the morons! Heap derision, scorn, opprobrium, mockery, ridicule on their empty heads!What the flarg are you waiting for?!?

The stakes are nothing less than the survival of greatest, freest, most generous, benign, benevolent, tolerant country that’s ever existed.

— xPraetorius

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